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Who We Are

Cascade Insights is a competitive intelligence services and training firm that works with a number of well-known companies around the world, including Microsoft, Symantec, Salesforce, Cisco, T-Mobile, Intel, Dassault Systems Salesforce, EMC, HP, IBM, and many others. We specialize in helping software, hardware and technology companies with their CI challenges.

The firm is led and owned by two well-known competitive intelligence analysts, Sean Campbell (CEO) and Scott Swigart (President). Sean and Scott have worked together for the past 14 years across two different companies.  Their first company was a consultancy that they grew over a period of seven years and then subsequently sold in 2006, after which they founded Cascade Insights. Sean and Scott are also the co-authors of Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence, now in its 5th edition.  The book was listed as a must read by the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Society as early as it’s 1st edition.  Sean and Scott were also co-author of two other books focused on technology topics published by Microsoft Press.

The company has seen continued growth since it’s inception in 2006, both in terms of the number of software, hardware and technology organizations we serve, and in the total number of individuals we work with on a daily basis in these organizations.

For more information on Cascade Insights look here and for competitive intelligence and market intelligence resources (podcasts, presentations, eBooks, etc.) look here.

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