B2B Brand Studies

B2B Brand Studies by Cascade Insights

Building a strong B2B brand gives you power. The power to command price premiums and hop the fast track to B2B buyers’ shortlists.

But first, you need to know the buyers. You need to know what leads them to become aware of new vendors, give them a try, and eventually advocate for them.

Once you know B2B buyers’ criteria, you can steer your brand to seize attention and earn rave reviews. B2B brand studies bring strategic insight into what will resonate most with target customers.

Get the answers you need. Our B2B tech expertise gives us the context to ask the right questions of the right people.

The Right

  • Current customers.
  • Competitors’ customers.
  • Prospective customers.

The Right

Such as…

  • How recognizable is your company’s brand?
  • Is your brand memorable?
  • What is your brand’s image?
  • How loyal are customers to your brand?
  • What emotional associations do customers make with your brand?
  • Do your customers trust your brand? Do prospective customers?
  • How does your brand compare with chief competitors and upstarts?
  • What channels and information sources do target customers frequent?
  • How recognizable are you in those channels?
  • How recognizable are your competitors?

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