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Fuel your product launch with great market insights.

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The Right People for Product Launch Research

  • Target customers.
  • Competitors’ customers.
  • Partners.
  • Market influencers.
The Right Questions

The Right Questions for Product Launch Research

  • Which buyer personas should the product launch target?
  • Are there non-negotiable features for each buyer persona and industry segment? What are they?
  • Which features attract new customers?
  • Are there any regulatory or compliance issues?
  • Can partner solutions remedy any product or platform holes?
  • What type of support programs do customers want?
  • Which pricing models do customers prefer?
  • After the launch, what will the competition look like?
  • Is this product or service ready to launch? Should it be launched?
  • How do customers measure a successful deployment?
  • How does the new product or service rate in terms of reliability, scalability, usability, and security?
  • What is the expected lifespan of the new product?
  • What market share can be expected in the next few years?
  • What types of sales and marketing approaches are best?

Market Research Methodologies

  • In-depth interviews (in-person & online).
  • Focus Groups (in-person & online).
  • Web Surveys.
  • Online research communities.
  • Quantitative studies.
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis.
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, etc.).
  • Secondary research.

B2B Product Launch Research Services

Our B2B tech expertise gives us the context to ask
the right questions of the right people.

Get ready to launch. Really ready.

There are high stakes for each new B2B product launch. Getting both the product or service and the timing right relies on a deep understanding of the market and buyers.

That’s where we come in.

Know before you go.

Our product launch research services deliver customers’ key buying criteria, a clear “go/no-go” for the launch, a long-term plan for product development, the buyer personas the launch should target, and the best marketing and sales approaches to reach them.

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What It’s Like To Work With Us

We worked with Cascade Insights to start up a substantial competitive intelligence and product insights initiative. Their whip-smart staff and expertise in B2B tech was a major asset, starting from our first conversations about doing a project together, making sense of research findings, and delivering results to senior leaders.

When we hit challenges along the road—practically inevitable in standing up a new initiative in an enterprise context—they were flexible, creative, and always positive in finding ways to move forward. In short, in the world of market research, Cascade is at the top of the heap.

– Pitney Bowes

Finding the right research partner is not easy, but Cascade Insights delivers just what we need. They provide meaningful insights, complete the work in a timely manner and made sure to take into account our business context. I am confident that Sean and the team can tackle the tricky market questions that we have to address in order to succeed.

– Concur

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