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Get an inside look at our approach to research with our public studies. See our assessment of 200+ win-loss interviews with B2B technology buyers, how market research steers our own marketing strategy, data on ageism in tech, and more.

Gender Gap: A Look at 50 Tech Giants

LinkedIn ad targeting is a surprisingly useful tool for studying the gender gap in tech giants. Read on for how we leveraged LinkedIn ad targeting data, key findings, and caveats.

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Ageism in Tech: The Silent Career Killer

The data shows that in the computer games, software, and hardware industries, most employees are under age 35. Read on for more findings on ageism in tech.

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Are You Shouting Into The Void?

Market Research Lessons For Marketing

What we learned when we market researched ourselves… and how it sharpened our B2B marketing strategy. Lessons in market segmentation.

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B2B Breakups

200+ Interviews With The Ones That Got Away

Win-loss analysis from 200+ interviews with B2B buyers. How to avoid common blunders like inflexible pricing, misguided messaging, and bad sales strategy.

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Check out our B2B Strategies to take a deep dive into topics such as analyzing the B2B buyer’s journey, asking great research questions, and managing stakeholders. For inspiration for your next research project, see 101 Market Research Questions we’ve been commissioned to answer. Add to your reading list with our quick-reference B2B book reviews. Take a master class in B2B with the experts on the B2B Revealed Podcast.

B2B Book Reviews


Our short business book reviews will help you hone your reading list to become a B2B expert.

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101 Market Research Questions


Each one these questions can form the basis for a sharp project that uncovers key, strategic insights.

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B2B Strategies


Cascade Insights is proud to present a toolkit for using research to impact decisions.

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Designed exclusively for leaders in B2B marketing, sales, product management, and research.

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