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The “Competitive Intel” Episode 1 Transcript – CES and Trade Show Intelligence

Industry events are outstanding opportunities for gathering information from competitors, customers, partners, and distributors. There’s a gold mine there for the taking, in terms of how to develop and position your products and services in the marketplace. Still, that same hyper-focused nature of these events means you need a well organized approach to take full […]

Workshop in Silicon Valley – Hosted by Silicon Valley Product Management Association

We’ll be delivering a 1/2 day workshop for the Silicon Valley Product Management Association on December 4th. Register here – High level outline below…. Workshop Summary Understanding your competitors’ next moves or knowing how well they are putting their current plans into effect can mean the difference between success and failure in your market. […]

CI Review: Yippy

What It Is: Yippy is a search engine that queries other search engines, then groups the results together in clusters. Information Provided: Automatic categorization of search results Parsing of results into logical groupings by content, search engine source, or top-level domain Ability to streamline search results, making them simpler to examine Description: Yippy gives users […]

Recent #GoBeyondGoogle Tweets on Finding Open Source Intelligence

New competitive intelligence tool to research company org charts: – good statistics on countries, people, etc. – NNDB Mapper – Visually connect the relationships between individuals – Journalist’s List of Databases – – – a way to find local tweets for your city Use LinkedIn’s new “Follow Company” […]

Using Form 990 filing data to analyze non-profits

One great way you can get a better view into the health and business dealings of a non-profit organization is to review the Form 990 that non-profits have to file. For example, a review of 2008 filing for the American Marketing Association shows information such as the amount of money the organization made from membership […]

4 Ways to Mine LinkedIn Company Pages

Using these queries from Google you can harvest information from LinkedIn’s “Company Pages” that match the following criteria:   Median Age of Company Employees from 40 to 50 years old “median age, * 40..45 years”*   Companies with a % of male employees from 20 to 30% “Male, * 20..30 %”*   Companies […]

Mining LinkedIn for Intelligence

Many people use LinkedIn as a digital CV and a way to virtually network, but you can utilize various aspects of LinkedIn to gather information about specific companies, such as: New Hires Recent Promotions Company Headquarters and Field Office Locations What company are new employees coming from, and what company do employees go to when […]

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