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Marketing Profs seminar – Attendee Comments

Here are some of the comments from our recent seminar for Marketing Profs focused on – Going Beyond Google – Keeping an eye on your competition. – Slides here – “Finally, someone answers the question: how do we track the huge (and growing) volume of competitive business intelligence? Offers terrific advice, and great […]

Busy Week – AIPMM and Rain Today

Just in the last two days we wrapped up a webinar for the Association of International Product Marketing and Management and an interview for Rain Today’s podcast series. For both the topic was “Keeping an Eye on the Competition.” AIPMM Seminar Details –—go-beyond-google.php The Rain Today interview will be up soon but until then […]

Registration Details for Association of International Product Marketing and Management Presentation on 12/17

Keeping an eye on the Competition – Go Beyond Google Deck Preview here – Registration link here –—go-beyond-google.php

Upcoming Presentation – “When in Doubt: Ethical Elicitation Techniques that Gather Actionable Intelligence.” – December 1st, 2009.

Scott and Sean will be presenting on the topic of ethical elicitation techniques for the Willamette MBA Program’s Event Series in Portland. This event will also be sponsored by the Oregon Chapter of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. To register to attend click here. By Sean Campbell By Scott Swigart

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