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Upcoming Presentation – “When in Doubt: Ethical Elicitation Techniques that Gather Actionable Intelligence.” – December 1st, 2009.

Scott and Sean will be presenting on the topic of ethical elicitation techniques for the Willamette MBA Program’s Event Series in Portland. This event will also be sponsored by the Oregon Chapter of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. To register to attend click here. By Sean Campbell By Scott Swigart

Upcoming Presentation – November 13th – Willamette University Business School Salem Campus

On November 13th, Scott and Sean will be delivering a presentation that will cover 20+ tips that take you “Beyond Google” when researching competitors, markets, and how your own company is perceived. The presentation will be delivered at Willamette University’s Salem Campus and the program is sponsored by the Willamette MBA Program. For more information […]

Upcoming Event – October 15th – Software CEO Presentation

On October 15th both Scott and Sean will be presenting a webcast for SoftwareCEO. This presentation will walk through 20 free web tools that will let you: Determine if the competition has been hiring your people Monitor their site for changes, and spot new products, customer wins, etc. Monitor for all news related to the […]

Interview Series in Competitive Intelligence Magazine…

Our latest interview in our ongoing series of interviews with senior CI professionals for SCIP’s Competitive Intelligence magazine was just published. Most Recent – Chris Ferguson – USAA Previous – Jeff Burke – Seagate, Alan Dye – Computer Associates Upcoming Gina Spadoni – Premera We’ve also done a series of similar interviews for SCIP Oregon […]

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