Stop relying on market research
that is not B2B specific.

Cascade Insights provides market research services exclusively for B2B technology companies.

Tired of generalist market research firms that focus on every industry within reach?

We specialize in the following services:

B2B Technology Market Research

Need B2B technology-specific market research?

We can provide deeper insights and more actionable data in far less time than generalist firms — and without needing to be brought up to speed.

Competitive Intelligence for Technology Marketers

Make smarter marketing decisions based on in-depth B2B Market Research Data

Looking for new marketplace opportunities? Wondering why the competitor’s customer chose them and not you? We’ll assess your marketplace effectiveness and help you showcase your differentiated value.

Competitive Intelligence for CI Teams

Tired of only having part of the picture?

Our B2B specialization means we can provide your company deeper insights and more robust, actionable data.

Competitive Intelligence for Product Managers

Clearly understand your customers’ key buying criteria and give them the features they really want.

Discover how we help teams like yours price products, assess features and evaluate your competition.

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