Insight that drives better decision making...
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Insight that drives better decision making…

Cascade Insights provides competitive intelligence and market intelligence research to hardware, software, and technology focused services companies so they can:

  • Outflank the Competition
  • Capitalize on New Opportunities

The Cascade Insights advantage

A long history of successfully developing competitive and market insights for Fortune 500 and mid-market companies.

Founders who are internationally recognized, speakers, authors, and, experts on:

  • Competitive Intelligence Best Practices
  • Market Intelligence Best Practices
  • Mining modern data sources
  • Voice of the Competitor (VOTC) research


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Heath Oilar – Competitive Intelligence Manager, Symantecsymantec-logo 50

“I hired Sean and Scott of Cascade Insights in 2011 for a project that involved a competitor analysis, CI training, and consultation. No doubt about it – deciding to work with Cascade Insights early in the process of ramping up a new CI function was the single best decision that I could have made.

Ty Trenary, Sr. Competitive Intelligence Manager, T-Mobile:t mobile logo 50

“Cascade Insights worked as a consultant for me on many projects in the wireless space.

They consistently provided detailed insights that have enabled better business decisions with a great level of confidence…

I always slept well when Cascade was working on any project – I knew it was in good hands. They are leaders in their field and the team has great enthusiasm for what they take on. I feel lucky to have had them working on projects for me over the years and highly recommend them.”

William (Bill) Tsang, Director, Competitive Strategy, Microsoftmicrosoft 50

“We’ve utilized Cascade Insights for multiple projects…

Sean is one of the best competitive intelligence professionals out there – great understanding of the IT and computer industry dynamics, knows the right places to ethically get information, and he is able to apply that to our company’s specific projects with great effectiveness.”

Doug Quam – Market Insights Manager, 3M3m image 50

“Sean is on my short-list when I look for guidance on any and all topics related to competitive intelligence.

He is knowledgeable in a broad array of CI tools and techniques, and he knows when and where to apply each. He’s become a valuable partner as we drive our CI initiatives.”


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