Want your brand to be closely associated with a technology trend? Hope to be top of mind for a particular market segment? Want influencers to name your product first when B2B buyers are looking for recommendations? Want to make it easier on your sellers to establish trust with new accounts?

Cascade Insights’ B2B Thought Leadership Market Research & Marketing Services can help with all of the above.

What is Thought Leadership?

A complete guide to learning all about thought leadership: the different types of content, how B2B thought leadership differs from B2C, what its benefits are, how to produce it effectively, and who the stakeholders are.

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Custom B2B Thought Leadership

As a market research firm that has focused exclusively on the B2B tech sector for more than a decade, Cascade Insights is uniquely positioned to design studies, recruit participants, and analyze & present findings in a way that will win your brand new fans and new leads.

Research focus areas could include:
  • Assessing the impact of new technologies.
  • Analyzing how your target market leverages legacy technologies.
  • Insight into the pain points of a particular buyer persona.
  • Comparing and contrasting the needs of different market segments.
  • Insight into the B2B buyer’s journey.
  • Detailing how organizations engage with vendors.
  • Determining how macroeconomic, societal, or political trends are impacting technology purchases.
  • Predicting how purchase behavior may change when times are. tough
  • Assessing the ROI/TCO of various solutions in a given market.

Our marketing specialists, in close collaboration with the research team, can then turn those findings into ready-to-use marketing assets such as:

  • Whitepapers.
  • Blog posts.
  • Website copy.
  • Conference or webinar decks.
  • Social media campaigns.

Each research and marketing engagement is designed to achieve your specific goals. In other words, we don’t do template-based projects.

When & Why You Should Consider a B2B Thought Leadership Initiative

Recent research has shown that 49% of B2B decision makers said they have awarded business to a supplier as a direct result of their thought leadership content. Forty-one percent are more willing to pay a premium to work with organizations that publish thought leadership content.

Strong B2B thought leadership is always a good strategy for securing new prospects and shepherding leads down the sales funnel. Thought leadership can help when you want to:

  • Develop marketing assets that drive qualified leads.
  • Equip your sellers & partner sellers with effective, shareable messaging.
  • Build bonafides in a new space.
  • Become top of mind for prospective buyers.
  • Substantiate your point of view.
  • Change a narrative.
  • Increase mindshare.
  • Emphasize differentiators.
  • Each research and marketing engagement is designed to achieve your specific goals. In other words, we don’t do template-based projects.

15 Years In the Tech Sector, Thousands of Conversations With B2B Buyers

We’re specialized. For 15 years, Cascade Insights’ research services have helped organizations seize opportunities in the B2B technology sector. Over thousands of conversations with buyers, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t in B2B marketing.

In addition, our in-house messaging specialists & creatives are always in close collaboration with our analysts. Everything from wording choice, structure, and design are backed by years of context and customer data.

Examples of Our B2B Thought Leadership Research

Check out how companies like WebMDVeritas, and Commercetools have leveraged our B2B thought leadership research.

B2B Tech Sector Specialists

Our firm only accepts projects from the B2B tech sector.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Cloud
  • AI & GenAI
  • Infrastructure
  • Anything as a service
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data
  • Low code/no code
  • Applications
  • IoT
  • And much more...
B2B tech spans various industries. We help companies that offer software, hardware, and other technology solutions in sectors such as:

IT Services



Life Sciences



Legal Tech




Market Research Methodologies

  • In-Depth Interviews (In-Person & Online)
  • Focus Groups (In-Person & Online)
  • Web Surveys
  • Online Research Communities
  • Quantitative Studies
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, Etc.)
  • Secondary Research

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