How to leverage B2B research for thought leadership

Case Study – How to Leverage B2B Research for Impactful Thought Leadership

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How is AI being perceived by C-levels and VPs in heavily regulated industries? That is the question a client of ours recently came to us with. Before they could develop effective thought leadership content that deeply resonated with this audience, they needed to better understand the answer.

In this short video, we’ll show you how we conducted in-depth interviews (IDIs) to reveal the deep concerns and specific opportunities that these leaders saw with AI. Our client used these insights to develop impactful content that established their place as thought leaders in the industry.

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Video Transcript

The Problem

A client of ours recently came to us with an interesting question. How is AI being perceived by C levels and vice presidents who work inside heavily regulated industries? And our client was asking this question for a set of very pragmatic reasons. On one hand, they wanted to develop more effective thought leadership.

And two, they wanted to develop a set of marketing and sales tactics that could show that our client’s AI solutions were both capable. And it was at this point that our client chose to Act With Clarity™.

The Solution

Once they did that, they asked us to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with CIOs and CTOs and Vice Presidents who worked inside these heavily regulated industries.

Over the course of those interviews, we uncovered a number of important points. One, we looked at concerns that these leaders had about AI adoption. We also looked at the opportunities these leaders saw that AI might bring about. And we also looked at the competitive landscape through the lens of these leaders so we could advise our client how they were somewhat positioned in the minds of these potential buyers.

And our client was able to use these insights then to develop that strong thought leadership and to develop better marketing and sales tactics. So if you’re facing a similar challenge, if AI and you’re unsure about how they might be perceived, or you’re unsure how to message those investments to particular market segments.

You can give us a call or drop us an email at or fill out our contact form at and hopefully we’ll be able to help you Act With Clarity™ too.

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