Act With Clarity™

When a research project is complete, it’s critical that you know what to do next. At the readout, we set you on a firm foundation to Act With Clarity™ by:

  • Providing crisp, clear, and concise findings.
  • Leveraging strong storytelling and visualization skills to make the conclusions “stick.”
  • Developing and sharing impactful recommendations.

Additionally, our ability to help you Act With Clarity™ goes beyond the readout. Unlike other market research firms, our team contains a mix of researchers who deeply understand marketing and marketers who deeply understand research.

This mix allows us to:

  • Be a source of strategic counsel after the research project is complete.
  • Help accelerate your efforts when it comes to taking action on the research.
  • Be able to understand and help you overcome the real world challenges you face when pursuing any marketing initiative.

Move Beyond Recommendations: Activate Your Research

Because personas are foundational to both marketing and sales success, changes in your business or space signal it’s time for updated research.

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We always include strong and compelling recommendations that you can use to change your sales marketing, or product development efforts. But what if your research partner could go one step beyond those recommendations and move into the realm of real world activation?

This activation might take a number of different forms. Some common examples include:

  • Developing a messaging framework based on the results of a message testing project.
  • Resetting your website’s content and focus based on findings from a buyer’s journey research project.
  • Authoring content, strategies and initiatives to specific buyer personas based on persona research.
  • Developing compelling playbooks that your sales marketing and partner teams can use to leverage the research and basically interact with the market in more compelling ways.
  • Providing you strategic counsel on a regular basis as you take action on the research findings.

Ultimately, our activation services span a wide range of services that encompass B2B Marketing Strategy, B2B Messaging, and B2B Content Marketing Services.

Research Activation™ Services for B2B Tech

After more than 15 years in the space and thousands of conversions with B2B tech buyers, we know how to help companies find and seize the right opportunities. Our marketers know your context.

No need to bring us up to speed on what a hybrid multi-cloud environment is or the difference between a systems integrator and a managed service provider.

We get B2B tech. But, more importantly, we know how to research, devise campaigns, and create content for it.

B2B Marketing Strategy Services


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Our team has analyzed and assessed the needs of B2B buyers for over 17 years. Hence, our perspective extends beyond the scope of a given research study. In fact, we understand that heartbeat of a B2B buyer in ways that other firms simply can’t match. You can leverage our collective expertise in the following areas:

  • Extended B2B Strategy Support and Mentorship
    Once the readout has wrapped, marketing teams can enlist our expertise for continuous guidance and mentorship. Our services are designed to address emerging questions as they arise and offer valuable insights into B2B buyer behavior.
  • Audits and Assessments
    Our consulting team can audit and assess your current marketing and sales assets, including your website, campaign materials, messaging, blogs, pitch decks, sales scripts, email campaigns, SEO and PPC efforts, and any other customer-facing materials or channels, like GitHub or guest publications on partner websites. This can help you to see what you should continue to focus on and what you need to stop investing in.
  • Internal Enablement Campaigns and Assets
    Sometimes your hardest audience is an internal one. These audiences might need what you’re learned from the research effort delivered to them in a bite sized form, or perhaps a more visual one. We can help by packaging the findings in ways that lead to strategic impact both outside and inside your organization.

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B2B Messaging Services


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Our dedicated team of researchers, marketers, and expert communicators can help you to communicate the “Right Things to the Right People.” This means crafting precise messages and identifying the key personas who need to hear them. Rooted in research, we specialize in conducting studies such as message testing, buyer personas, or Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to ensure your messaging targets the right audience effectively.

Each messaging framework we develop is hand-crafted to meet the needs of a particular audience, technology solution, and the needs of a given marketplace. They include:

  • Messaging pillars
  • Key value propositions
  • Supporting proof points – all backed by strong independent sources of data
  • Tailored messaging for specific personas, industries, company sizes, and more
  • Enablement tools that help you get the message across to internal and external audiences

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B2B Content Marketing Services


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B2B Content Marketing has undergone significant transformations in the last 10 years, 5 years, and even the past year – primarily due to the influence of AI. Whether it’s the risk of competitors replicating your content or the sheer productivity of an AI-backed workforce outpacing traditional methods, the landscape of content marketing has been irreversibly altered.

So, how do you rise to the challenge and ensure your brand stands out?

First, you start with research that an AI knows nothing about. This “research first” foundation lets you share a unique perspective in the content you create. Second, you leverage AI tools as a super-suit to speed the content creation process.

This combination gives you the best of both worlds: speed and distinctiveness. With this one-two punch we help our clients develop targeted:

  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs
  • Thought leadership content
  • Infographics
  • Website copy
  • Product or webinar decks
  • Social media content
  • Video content

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Working with our Team

Our goal is to make a client’s marketing better than they can on their own. That means we push you in ways other marketing agencies can’t or won’t. For every engagement, you can expect to get effective marketing and learn a lot along the way for lasting results. Here are the benefits you get working with us:

1. Skip the hand-holding. Most marketing agencies require more of your time, energy, and money to get them up to speed on the B2B context and/or highly technical concepts. Our deep expertise in both B2B and tech means we can have a meaningful dialogue sooner about your challenges and get to work to address them faster and more effectively.

2. Actions Not Experiments. We don’t have to test or experiment in the same ways a “marketing first” agency might have to. Instead, by leveraging a “research first” foundation, we can get to work and start taking actions that benefit your organization on day 1.

3. Don’t Guess, Measure. Finally, when circumstances change, and your competitor makes a move, or you are curious if your actions have had an objective impact on your brand, messaging, or competition, we can measure the impact of the changes you’ve made.

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