B2B Market Research For Technology Companies

We’re not generalists,
we’re specialists.

Generalist market research companies just don’t get it. Their insights don’t go very deep. Their research takes too long to deliver. They don’t know the right questions to ask, or understand the answers.

You won’t have to waste precious time getting us up to speed on the needs of your industry or the challenges that your customers face. In fact, the only clients we’ll accept are B2B technology companies.

Learn more about us and discover why companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Gogo, Dell, and ServiceNow trust us to analyze their competitor customers, partners, services and products.

We give you more than data.
We give you clarity.

Product Managers

Want to know the real reasons that customers are choosing your competition? Learn how we can help uncover your customers’ key buying criteria or benchmark the competitive landscape.

Marketing Teams

Ready for your marketing to run circles around the competition? We know the marketing that resonates with your buyers and how to optimize it with our unique and creative research strategies.

CI Teams

Need to impact strategic or tactical decisions? We’ll design an investigative research strategy that will help you answer the hard questions your sales, marketing, and product leaders are asking.

Market Researchers

Tired of wasting time getting your vendor up to speed? We know your industry. Leave the generalists behind and get started with us.

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  • How to design a brilliant market research study.
  • Who to talk to for the most insight into the competition.
  • How to get your findings heard.
  • Interviews with industry thought leaders.
  • Reviews of business books.

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A Few of Our Clients

Cascade Insights - Our Clients
Cascade Insights - Our Clients

What our
Clients Say

I hired Cascade Insights in 2011 for a project that involved a competitor analysis, CI training, and consultation. No doubt about it – deciding to work with Cascade Insights early in the process of ramping up a new CI function was the single best decision that I could have made.

Heath Oilar — Competitive Intelligence ManagerSymantec

I consistently turned to Cascade Insights earlier in the project lifecycle than I normally would because I knew that they would be able to recommend creative solutions and then execute, execute, execute. 

Net – Cascade Insights has always delivered great value for the money.

Phil Friedman – Director of Competitive IntelligenceMicrosoft

The Best MR Resources

Check out our resources for technology stakeholders and researchers:

  • A blog featuring cutting edge research tips.
  • A podcast on staying competitive in the tech world.
  • 101 questions we’ve answered with market research.
  • One-sentence business book reviews.

“Cascade Insights is on my short-list when I look for guidance on any and all topics related to competitive intelligence.” — Doug Quam, 3M

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