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Cascade Insights provides Market Research services exclusively for B2B technology companies. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

We’re not generalists,
we’re specialists.

Generalist market research companies just don’t get it. Their insights don’t go very deep. Their research takes too long to deliver. They don’t know the right questions to ask, or understand the answers.

You won’t have to waste precious time getting us up to speed on the needs of your industry or the challenges that your customers face. In fact, the only clients we’ll accept are B2B technology companies.

Learn more about us and discover why companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Gogo, Dell, and ServiceNow trust us to analyze their competitor customers, partners, services and products.

“I highly recommend Cascade Insights.”


“They stand out.”


“A valuable partner.”


“A technology visionary.”

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B2B Market Research Services

B2B Marketing Services

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We give you more than data.
We give you clarity.

B2B Revealed Podcast

B2B is a complex and challenging field, but most of all, it is fascinating. Join Sean Campbell, CEO of Cascade Insights, as he shares over 20 years of experience in the B2B market.

B2B Revealed Podcast


Your video doesn’t need to go viral to be a success. Despite that, too many marketers chase views at the expense of reaching the right viewers.

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Do you have the wrong people in the wrong roles? You have two options: resign yourself to mediocrity or rethink how you manage your team.

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What our
Clients Say

For the last 11 years, we’ve helped some of the biggest technology companies in the world. We’ve also helped a number of upstarts go on to greater stardom.

The team at Cascade Insights demonstrated a high level of flexibility to keep pushing the boundaries and identify deeper consumer pain points. A very satisfying project executed extremely effectively by our partner at Cascade Insights.

Lilian Bories — V.P. MarketingOblong Industries

I consistently turned to Cascade Insights earlier in the project life-cycle than I normally would because I knew that they would be able to recommend creative solutions and then execute, execute, execute. Cascade Insights has always delivered great value for the money.

Phil Friedman – Director of Competitive IntelligenceMicrosoft

“I highly recommend Cascade Insights.”


“Cascade provided clarity.”


“Dedicated and understanding.”


“I have really enjoyed working with Cascade Insights and the deep partnership they provide.”


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