Whether cloud-based or on-premise, software tends to have a lot of capabilities. But which features turn prospects into buyers? Which features drive the highest ROI? Why does a given persona or organization utilize one feature more than another? Cascade Insights’ Key Buying Criteria Research answers these questions.

Don’t just keep adding features. Focus on the capabilities that lead to customer retention and new sales.

What Is Key Buying Criteria Research?

Key buying criteria analysis keeps your business, product, and marketing strategies focused by revealing the capabilities that matter most to customers and prospects. 

Cascade Insights’ Key Buying Criteria Research can investigate how customers and prospects view product features, your company’s support model, key integrations, a pricing structure, or a way of doing business.

Decision Lens

When Do You Need Buying Criteria Research?

Low Sales

If an in-market solution isn’t selling and you don’t understand why, key buying criteria research can help.

For a struggling new solution in a crowded space, it can clarify whether the solution has the features that customers want. It can also determine whether your sales, marketing, and product development efforts are focused on the right features.

Slowing Sales

If a solution that used to sell well is stalling out, our research can find out why. For example, as technology niches evolve, what were formerly key capabilities can become table stakes. Key buying criteria research makes it clear what customers want today so you can update your sales, marketing, and product development efforts accordingly.

Big Changes

Finally, if you’re looking to enter a new market or if the target buyer for your solution has changed, key buying criteria research can help you understand the priorities of a new set of buyer

15 Years In the Tech Sector, Thousands of Conversations With B2B Buyers

We only work with companies that create B2B technology products and services. This has been our specialization for more than a decade. Each day, we interview and survey B2B customers on their tech stack, pain points, and business needs. This B2B context lets us ask better questions, find better research participants, and generate better recommendations.

The Right People for Buying Criteria Research?

  • Current customers
  • Target customers
  • Competitor customers
  • Market influencers

The Right Questions for Buying Criteria Research

  • Are customers searching for a solution to replace what they’re using today? Why? What capabilities will the new solution need to have?
  • Do our customers think our solution is lacking key capabilities?
  • Do prospective customers think a competitor’s solutions is lacking functionality?
  • What jobs-to-be-done are customers looking for solutions like ours to resolve?
  • Which features motivate a prospect to buy?
  • What ends up being the most important factor in the buying decision? Price, features, sales experience, vendor support, time to value, existing relationship with the vendor, etc.?
  • Why are customers using certain features more than expected?
  • Why are customers using certain features less than expected?
  • How much did a given pricing point or model factor into the sale?
  • Do customers prefer subscriptions or fixed prices?
  • How do customers measure a successful deployment?
  • How often are customers lost to DIY?
  • How frequently do customers choose to do nothing rather than buy a new solution?
  • Where did we do a great job of matching customers’ important business criteria? Where did competitors do a great job? How did we fall short?
  • If customers could go back in time before the purchase, would they make the same decision?

B2B Tech Sector Specialists

Our firm only accepts projects from the B2B tech sector.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Cloud
  • AI & GenAI
  • Infrastructure
  • Anything as a service
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data
  • Low code/no code
  • Applications
  • IoT
  • And much more...
B2B tech spans various industries. We help companies that offer software, hardware, and other technology solutions in sectors such as:

IT Services



Life Sciences



Legal Tech




Market Research Methodologies

  • In-Depth Interviews (In-Person & Online)
  • Focus Groups (In-Person & Online)
  • Web Surveys
  • Online Research Communities
  • Quantitative Studies
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, Etc.)
  • Secondary Research

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