Market Research & Marketing Services For The B2B Tech Sector

Our clients range from enterprise tech stalwarts to up-and-comers in fields such as FinTech, MarTech, HealthTech, EdTech, and more. We take a lot of pride in our specialization. We don’t work outside the B2B tech sector, and we don’t do B2C.

Our Teams are Specialized:

B2B Market Research
  • In-depth interviews.
  • Webcam interviews.
  • Focus groups.
  • Custom panel development.
  • Online communities and panels.
  • Mobile surveys.
  • Online qualitative research.
  • Social media analysis.
  • User experience research.
  • Quant surveys.
B2B Marketing
  • Messaging strategy.
  • Message crafting.
  • Content strategy and creation.
  • Podcast production.
  • Buyer persona development.

B2B Tech Sector Specialists

As B2B specialists, we’ll never try to tell you that B2B can be approached in the same way as B2C.

We spend all day every day in the B2B tech sector. You won’t have to waste time catching us up on the structure and context of your unique industry.

Got a B2B tech sector market research question? We know who to talk to and how to uncover the insight you need. We’ll skip interviewing consumers and go right for B2B business leaders and technology movers and shakers.

Need an effective marketing strategy for B2B tech sector audiences? We spend all day every day talking to B2B marketers, product development teams, sales executives, market researchers, and business & technical leaders. We know the messaging that works and the messaging that doesn’t.

Focused & Boutique

If we work together, you can expect us to provide a right-sized team on every project. We’ll put the right people and the right amount of people on the task of answering your business problem.

Though all of our analysts and creatives specialize in B2B tech sector research, the senior leadership of our company supervises every single project. This is not one of those firms where the fate of the project depends on outsourcing or low-level staff.

B2B Market Research & Marketing You Can Trust

We don’t believe in conducting our work behind a velvet curtain. Your investment in our expertise will be met with regular updates on our progress. If you have any questions, we’ll answer within 24 hours.

Our deliverables are executive ready and don’t require any re-packaging to get the point across to your leadership team.

We won’t just dump data on you without helping you figure out what to do with it. We consider it a key part of our mission to use our market research & marketing to show where you can contribute the most to the success of your company.

Our Leadership

Cascade Insights is led by a dynamic duo: Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart. Each has more than 20 years experience working in the B2B tech sector.

Corporate research veterans, the two have worked together for 20 years and led two successful companies. Their first company, 3 Leaf Solutions, was founded in 1999 and sold in 2006. Cascade Insights was launched in 2006 and has grown ever since.

Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell

Founder & CEO

Sean oversees the health of the firm, maintains relationships with key clients, hosts the popular B2B Revealed Podcast, and leads the company’s marketing efforts.

Scott Swigart

Scott Swigart

President & CTO

Scott heads the research team and focuses on emerging trends such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data and the critical decisions facing technology companies today.

Portland Based. Globally Focused.

Our team is physically based in lovely Portland, Oregon, but our clients are from all over the world.

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