Case Study – Limiting Customer Churn: Using IDIs to Boost Retention

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Is your SaaS solution struggling with customer churn and you’re left in the dark about the reasons behind it?

In this short video, we’ll reveal how we leveraged In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with former customers to unveil the root causes of their churn. First, we found that our client’s sales teams were driving customers away with their purely transactional outreach approach.

Moreover, their product’s features and merits were not getting the spotlight they deserved, leaving clients clueless about why they should stay. Using these newfound insights, our client was able to transform their sales and marketing efforts to better retain their customers.

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Video Transcript

The Problem

What would you do if your SaaS solution, something that was essential, perhaps even critical for any organization, was facing an unheralded amount of customer churn? Well, this is exactly the problem a client of ours recently came to us with. And instead of just guessing at the reasons for that churn, they chose to Act With Clarity™.

The Solution

And once they made that decision, they asked us to conduct a series of in -depth interviews with lost customers. So we could determine if those losses were due to perhaps sales team tactics, product deficiencies, maybe even customer support issues and the like. And those interviews spanned a range of industries from healthcare and technology and education and government and manufacturing and other sectors.

And over the course of those interviews, we uncovered two key things. One, that our client wasn’t talking up their product merits as much as they should. They lived in a crowded marketplace and when it came time to renew, their current clients just weren’t really sure why they should stay. And secondarily, clients’ own sales team was getting in the way. They were acting very transactionally and only following up with current customers when it came time to renew, making those customers feel somewhat like a number.

So with these insights in hand, our client was able to limit churn and therefore they were set on a much better path. So if you’re facing a similar scenario, maybe an unheralded amount of customer churn, or you just want to limit churn in general, you can give us a phone call or drop us an email at or visit and fill out our contact form. And hopefully we can help you Act With Clarity™ too.

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