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Stand Out in a Sea of Similarity

B2B tech marketing is flooded with cryptic value props, tired buzzwords, and gratuitous jargon and acronyms that confuse buyers and don’t inspire action. Our B2B marketing services help you stand out in a sea of similarity. Make waves to win and keep buyers with B2B market research, campaign strategy and activation, and content creation services.

B2B Marketing Services for Tech

After more than 15 years in the space and thousands of conversions with B2B tech buyers, we know how to help companies find and seize the right opportunities. Our marketers know your context. No need to bring us up to speed on what a hybrid multi-cloud environment is or the difference between a systems integrator and a managed service provider. We get B2B tech. But, more importantly, we know how to research, devise campaigns, and create content for it.

B2B Marketing Strategy Services


When you’re not seeing an appropriate return on your marketing investments, you might need our B2B marketing strategy services to evaluate the current state of your marketing, how it compares to that of your competitors, and if you’re targeting the right people.

  • Messaging, campaign, and content audits – Evaluates all of your current marketing and sales assets, including your website, campaign materials, messaging, blogs, pitch decks, sales scripts, email campaigns, SEO and PPC efforts, and any other customer-facing materials or channels, like GitHub or guest publications on partner websites.
  • Competitor assessments – Assesses how competitors position their solutions and whom they target for them, based on their website, blogs, SEO and PPC efforts, social media, etc.
  • Buyer persona analysis – Identifies your primary audience, their values, and preferred channels where you should focus your marketing efforts, as well as any other members of the purchasing group whom you should target.

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B2B Messaging Services


Many clients come to us because they know their messaging sounds like everyone else’s. Like them, you may already know the weaknesses of your current messaging. But you need an expert to help make it better. With our extensive knowledge of the B2B tech space and creative expertise, we help clients differentiate with fluff-free messaging that is grounded in reality and inspires buyers to act.

  • Messaging frameworks and message mapping – Lays the foundation for your holistic marketing strategy with messaging pillars, key value propositions, supporting proof points, tailored messaging for specific personas, industries, and company sizes, and more.
  • Marketing campaign development – Outlines the content roadmap you need for a specific marketing effort, including blog and whitepaper creative briefs and best practices for distribution based on your target audiences.
  • Go-to-market (GTM) mobilization – Prepares and propels an optimal GTM strategy to align your sales and marketing teams, as well as those of your partners if you’re bringing a joint solution to market.
  • Sales messaging – Includes internal or customer-facing sales-enablement decks, battle cards, sales playbooks, sales scripts, email copywriting, and more.
  • Partner messaging – Includes joint solution messaging frameworks for co-selling success, partnership briefs, joint thought leadership materials like webinars and whitepapers, product decks, and other partner readiness content like checklists and playbooks.

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B2B Content Marketing Services

We create content that resonates better with your target audiences.

Maybe you have a solid plan for producing great content but need help with the execution. We have an expert team of B2B tech marketers, writers, designers, and videographers to help you create the following types of content:

  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs
  • Thought leadership content
  • Infographics
  • Website copy
  • Product or webinar decks
  • Social media content
  • Video content

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B2B Research + Marketing Activation Services

We create research-backed marketing assets.

We give you great assets now and valuable insights for the future. As a B2B marketing and market research firm, we can bring our analysts and creatives together to address your most challenging business problems and activate your research with an effective strategy and content. Some examples include:

  • Message Testing + Messaging Development
  • Buyer Persona Research + Content Marketing Development
  • Thought Leadership Research + Thought Leadership Content

With a fusion of insight and creativity, you get more value. Unlike other market research firms, we have a team of B2B tech marketers that serve B2B tech marketers.

Our creatives live and breathe in the space, not only from a marketing perspective but also from a research perspective. Every research deck our analysts create goes through our marketing team to make the findings and recommendations impactful for people in your role.

We know how to package and present findings in a crisp deck, infographic, or whatever format you prefer. That way, the findings are readily available for you to socialize with stakeholders and put into action.

Working with our B2B Marketing Services Team

Our goal is to make a client’s marketing better than they can on their own. That means we push you in ways other marketing agencies can’t or won’t. For every engagement, you can expect to get effective marketing and learn a lot along the way for lasting results. Here are the benefits you get working with us:

1. Skip the hand-holding. Most marketing agencies require more of your time, energy, and money to get them up to speed on the B2B context and/or highly technical concepts. Our deep expertise in both B2B and tech means we can have a meaningful dialogue sooner about your challenges and get to work to address them faster and more effectively.

2. Maximize SME brain share. We ensure our interviews and workshops with your SMEs are tailored to their individual background to maximize their valuable input while minimizing the amount of time they spend sharing it. This foundation also enables us to conduct great interviews for research projects.

3. Have creative partners who feel like part of your team. Since many of our clients, like Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Adobe, own various meeting and collaboration platforms, we’re used to working across all of them. We accommodate your preferred platforms and cadence, your timelines, and your preferred file formats for final deliverables. We make it easy for your team to work with us, so we can make your marketing better together.

4. Leverage our in-house research division. Many marketing agencies must outsource to research vendors to ensure the strategy and/or content they deliver will work, driving up costs and extending timelines for the clients who hire them. With our in-house research team, we can streamline message testing or other research to evaluate and improve the strategy or content we develop, without creating unnecessary complexities.

Meet the Marketing Team Leadership

Sean Campbell
Co-Founder & CEO

Sean leads the marketing, sales, and operations teams at Cascade Insights. He has been living by and educating on what does and doesn’t work in B2B tech marketing for more than 20 years. A recognized thought leader in the industry, Sean has been a featured speaker at more than 250 events around the globe.

Laura Johnson
Consulting Division Manager

Laura wants to make the world a better place by ridding B2B tech of all the “digital transformations,” “optimizations,” and other meaningless buzzwords that make bad messaging. She specializes in messaging strategy, content and campaign development, copywriting, and design. Her work has helped clients like Adobe, AWS, Dell, Okta, and RedHat.

Brian Surguine

Brian’s passion is telling compelling stories for B2B tech in written and visual mediums. He specializes in copywriting, design, photography, and video production. He has worked on marketing projects for clients such as AMD, Bluescape, Cisco Meraki, Databricks, Dell, and Microsoft.

Raeann Bilow

Raeann designs and builds great content and campaigns that translate into tangible results. Her specialties include content strategy and activation, SEO and PPC development, and copywriting. She has helped clients like Bluescape, Connection, HERE, Transcepta, and Wacom.

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