What makes VOTC (Voice of the Competitor) research different than a typical Win-Loss study?

Why is your typical Win-Loss study missing as much as 50% of the insights that you need to grow and find new opportunities?

Simply put, the target of the research effort.  By moving the focus from you to the competitive landscape, VOTC helps you understand:

  • If your Dead No Decisions are really a loss to a competitor.
  • Why you weren’t “invited to a deal” that you should have been.
  • Whether you are winning or losing in the first 57% of the modern sales cycle.
  • Whether your partners are the key to your success or your failure.
  • Where competitors have found new opportunity with a product like yours.

If you would like to learn a bit more about how we tackle VOTC projects,
or even see an example, drop us an email at info@cascadeinsights.com.

In the meantime download your own copy of Voice of the Competitor (VOTC) to gain a better understanding of how VOTC research is different.

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