B2B Buyer Persona Development

Personas Your Whole Company Can Use

B2B Buyer Persona Development

Did the last persona project you paid for only turn up shockingly obvious conclusions? We know you already know that IT buyers care about cost. And, yes, you already know that business leaders care about a vendor’s reputation.

Our B2B buyer personas are designed with your business goals in mind.

Cascade Insights’ buyer persona development services empower:

  • Sales teams to emphasize buyers’ priorities and drive profits.
  • Marketing teams to write in the voice of the buyer.
  • Product teams to build features that meet customers’ needs.
B2B Buyer Persona Development

10+ Years of B2B Tech

Cascade Insights is a hybrid market research and marketing firm specializing in the B2B tech sector.

Over the past decade, we’ve conducted hundreds of studies in the tech industry. We’ve spoken to countless marketers, sales leaders, C-level executives, product teams, engineers, developers, architects, researchers, and more.

Given our experience and specialization, our B2B buyer personas give you actionable intelligence you can use to drive sales, marketing, and product decisions.

Level Up

Make your team’s job easier.
Give them buyer personas that enable:

B2B Buyer Persona Development
  • More sales conversations and more closed deals.
  • Better messaging, targeted content marketing, newsletters that get read, and ads that actually get clicked.
  • Products that beat the competition and help your target buyers accomplish their “jobs to be done.”

While each B2B buyer persona study is unique, our persona development engagements typically include:

  • Focus Groups: conversations with buyers.
  • Buyer Persona Training: collaborating with your team on how our findings impact their work.
  • Qualitative Research: in-depth interviews with target customers, competitors’ customers, former rival sales teams, partners, etc.
  • Quantitative Research: surveys of target customers.
  • Findings Presentation: an interactive discussion with stakeholders on how our research impacts corporate strategy.

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B2B Only

Cascade Insights works exclusively with B2B Companies

No B2C, all B2B.

Sorry, retail, candy companies, restaurants, sporting events, popstars, etc… We stay hyper-focused on the B2B tech sector.

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