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Seen And Heard: Business Communication Skills

No matter where you are in the B2B world, good communication is vital.  You can’t sell your new product or service without keeping your audience interested and engaged.  You certainly can’t convince anyone your solution is innovative if you can’t convey its advantages. Communication is the core of our business. We’ve written about it a lot. Check out some of our top tips for being a good communicator in B2B.
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Roger Courville: Why You Suck at Virtual Presentations

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=""] Roger Courville is a well-known pro at virtual presentations. We picked his brain for his best practices, pet peeves, and must-haves for your next deck.
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Welcome to the B2B Revealed Podcast

Having what amounts to a collective PhD in B2B comes with the responsibility to share some of our knowledge with the world.  We’ve done that for years through The B2B Market Research podcast.
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