B2B Message Testing

Leave Buyers With The Right Impression

Creating good messaging is challenging — especially when it comes to B2B tech. Despite marketers’ best efforts, messaging often ends up sounding vague and/or too similar to the competition. Unfortunately, in the B2B tech sector, it’s rare for messaging to capture the voice of the customer.

Messaging should earn you MQLs, not lose them. Evaluate whether your messaging framework could use some fine-tuning with Cascade Insights’ in-depth analysis.

Our Approach To B2B Message Testing

Cascade Insights starts by examining your target buyers’ biggest pain points and motivators.

Our analysts will get to the heart of the matter: why decision makers would care about your solution in the first place and what positioning would speak to their root concerns. We’ll then identify any areas of disconnect between what you’re trying to convey and what buyers actually perceive. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on how to hone your messaging to better persuade your target market.

We design and customize each message testing project to best address your unique business problem. We’ve assisted in everything from early-stage message ideation to full messaging framework analysis- all exclusively for B2B tech.

If you wish, our in-house marketing specialists can help incorporate the findings of the research to craft, refine, or redirect marketing strategy and tactics.

A Few of our Clients

Cascade Insights Customer - Adobe
Cascade Insights Customer - Aria Systems
Cascade Insights Customer - Dassault Systems
Cascade Insights Customer - Dell
HP Enterprise
Cascade Insights Customer - Microsoft
pappas macdonnell
Cascade Insights Customer - Parallels
Cascade Insights Customer - Salesforce
Cascade Insights Customer - SAP
Software AG
Tmobile Testimonial
Cascade Insights Customer - vmware
Cascade Insights Customer - Workiva

Why Do You Need B2B Message Testing?

By spending a small portion of your marketing dollars on research, you ensure the rest of your budget will be wisely invested. Cascade Insights’ message testing empowers you to build content, landing pages, web copy, newsletters, social media, and PPC campaigns that get more clicks and conversions. You’ll be empowered to build better marketing campaigns because you’ll be working with a messaging framework you know resonates with your target market.

15 Years In the Tech Sector, Thousands of Conversations With B2B Buyers

We only accept projects in the B2B tech sector, and have conducted scores of message testing projects in this space. Every day, we’re having conversations with B2B buyers about what keeps them up at night. Our specialization helps us get to the right messaging sooner, because you won’t need to spend time catching us up on the basics. We already understand:

  • Who the niche, target audience for the messaging will be — and how to find them.
  • What questions to ask to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • The trends that have already been exhausted in B2B tech messaging.
  • The marketing buzzwords that immediately turn off IT buyers.
  • Where B2B tech has been, where it’s going, and who the key players are.

The Right People for B2B Message Testing

  • Current customers.
  • Prospective customers.
  • Competitor customers.
  • B2B purchasing influencers.
  • Channel sellers.
  • Sellers that used to work for competitors.

The Right Questions for B2B Message Testing

  • How should we shape our messaging framework?
  • What are our messaging pillars?
  • What are the proof points that underlie our messaging pillars?
  • Have we effectively mapped our messaging framework to our B2B buyer personas?
  • Is our corporate, product, or solution messaging hurting our ability to generate awareness?
  • Is our messaging hurting our ability to get quality leads?
  • How well does our website, content marketing, and social media efforts reflect our new messaging efforts?
  • Is the messaging for all of our campaigns optimized?
  • What aspects of our messaging resonate more or less with certain market segments?
  • Is our messaging outdated and no longer relevant?
  • Does our messaging do enough to clarify how we are differentiated from competitors?
  • How do we differentiate our messaging at the brand, solution, and product levels?
  • Does our messaging no longer represent who we are as a company?
  • Are we clearly communicating who we are, who we are not, and who we want to be?

B2B Tech Sector Specialists

We only accept projects from the B2B tech sector.
Our areas of expertise include:

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Cloud
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • & More

Our clients range from enterprise giants to stars of the mid-market.
We help companies in the following fields:

  • IT Services
  • FinTech
  • MarTech
  • Health Tech
  • Green Tech
  • EdTech
  • AdTech
  • Legal Tech
  • BioTech
  • GovTech
  • InsurTech
  • RetailTech

Market Research Methodologies

  • In-Depth Interviews (In-Person & Online).
  • Focus Groups (In-Person & Online).
  • Web Surveys.
  • Online Research Communities.
  • Quantitative Studies.
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis.
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, Etc.).
  • Secondary Research.

“Testing our brand and messaging elements was essential for us in moving our positioning and communication strategies forward. Cascade was instrumental in getting us to effective, clear-cut directives for what path to take. The team was helpful in their guidance, efficient and timely in their communication and follow up, and clear and thoughtful in their recommendations.”

— Nicole Merrett, Vice President of Marketing, Transact

“I worked with Cascade as part of a brand evolution project, as Appen was integrating Figure Eight into its solutions offering. Our goal was to update our understanding for the market. We worked with the Cascade team to find the truths we would build into the updated brand through qualitative research, and validated new messaging through quantitative research. At the end of the project, we were able to confidently deliver the updated brand look and feel thanks to the research-backed decisions we had made throughout the process.”

— Titus Capilnean, Dir. of Corporate Marketing, Appen

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