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Cascade Insights can help you turn listeners into buyers

When you get it right, a podcast is one of the smartest marketing moves you could make. You gain a dedicated audience of target buyers, your episodes are automatically downloaded, and you remain top-of-mind for customers whenever you release new content.

We have the B2B marketing expertise and podcast production savvy to turn listeners into customers. Whether your goal is to use a podcast as a lead gen channel, a branding opportunity, or to promote your thought leadership, we have your back.

B2B Podcasts at Cascade Insights

Unique Expertise

Cascade Insights is a hybrid marketing and market research agency specializing in the B2B tech sector.

After hundreds of studies, we’ve spoken to countless marketers, sales leaders, C-level executives, product teams, engineers, developers, architects, researchers, and more. They’ve told us what they want to hear. We have the knowledge and context to grow an audience of specific, targeted B2B buyers for your podcast.

We also have a deep understanding of the world of podcasting. Our in-house show, the award-winning B2B Revealed Podcast, has an audience of thousands and more than a hundred episodes.

You may find agencies that know B2B technology or podcasting, but — as far as we know — we’re the only one that specializes in both.

Level Up

Grow an audience of enthusiastic potential buyers with a killer podcast.

B2B Messaging Strategy
  • Branding: developing a winning show concept, finding unique music, and creating signature artwork.
  • Interviews: recruiting guests, coaching or sourcing show hosts, and more.
  • Production: editing, mixing, and mastering the audio.
  • Launch: creating a promotional trailer, distributing episodes to major podcast players, publicizing.
  • Promotion: podcast app optimization, social media assets, paid promotion, and more.

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B2B Only

Cascade Insights works exclusively with B2B Companies

No B2C, all B2B.

Sorry, retail, candy companies, restaurants, sporting events, popstars, etc… We stay hyper-focused on the B2B tech sector.

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