B2B Market Research

We work exclusively with the B2B tech sector. No B2C.

Cascade Insights works exclusively with the B2B Tech Sector

Whether it’s market pain or untapped opportunity, Cascade Insights has answers.

Cascade Insights has been easing uncertainty in the B2B tech sector for more than a decade. We’ve worked with tech giants, household names, stars of the mid-market, and leaders in MarTech, Health Tech, FinTech, IoT, Big Data, SaaS apps, and more.

Given our specialization, we don’t accept B2C projects.

Custom Market Research at Cascade Insights

Our custom market research won’t just bring you data and analysis, it will give you a path forward.

Each study is designed to meet your business goals so that you’ll walk away with a plan of action. We don’t just bring you insights, we bring you peace of mind.

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Understand Your Customers

We can help you identify customer pain points and new opportunities to capitalize on.

Market Segmentation Studies with Cascade Insights


Define Your Brand

We can help you revitalize your current brand. Or help you build a new one.

Expand Your Market

Is it time to grow? We’ll help you chart a course that leads to profits and market share.

A Few of our Clients

Cascade Insights - A Few of our Clients

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