B2B Market Research

We work exclusively with the B2B tech sector. No B2C.

Cascade Insights works exclusively with the B2B Tech Sector

Whether it’s market pain or untapped opportunity, Cascade Insights has answers.

Cascade Insights has been easing uncertainty in the B2B tech sector for more than a decade. We’ve worked with tech giants, household names, stars of the mid-market, and leaders in MarTech, Health Tech, FinTech, IoT, Big Data, SaaS apps, and more.

Given our specialization, we don’t accept B2C projects.

Our custom market research won’t just bring you data and analysis, it will give you a path forward.

Each study is designed to meet your business goals so that you’ll walk away with a plan of action. We don’t just bring you insights, we bring you actionable findings.

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Understand Your Customers

We can help you identify customer pain points and new opportunities to capitalize on.

Market Segmentation Studies with Cascade Insights


Define Your Brand

We can help you revitalize your current brand. Or help you build a new one.

Expand Your Market

Is it time to grow? We’ll help you chart a course that leads to profits and market share.

A Few of our Clients

B2B Tech Sector Specialists

We only accept projects from the B2B tech sector.
Our areas of expertise include:

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Cloud
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • & More

Our clients range from enterprise giants to stars of the mid-market.
We help companies in the following fields:

  • IT Services
  • FinTech
  • MarTech
  • Health Tech
  • Green Tech
  • EdTech
  • AdTech
  • Legal Tech
  • BioTech
  • GovTech
  • InsurTech
  • RetailTech

Market Research Methodologies

  • In-depth interviews (in-person & online).
  • Focus Groups (in-person & online).
  • Web Surveys.
  • Online research communities.
  • Quantitative studies.
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis.
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, etc.).
  • Secondary research.

Research Leadership Team

Scott Swigart, President & CTO of Cascade Insights

Scott Swigart
Co-Founder and Chief Research & Technical Officer

From a humble beginning as a 12-year-old self-taught programmer, Scott has spent almost 40 years immersed in technology. In 2006, Scott co-founded Cascade Insights, a company that has grown from 3 initial employees to twenty. Today, Scott leads an ace team of researchers who investigate everything B2B tech. Scott’s focus is on ever raising the bar for the insights we deliver – driving our clients toward better decisions and strategies.

When not working, you can find Scott digging into quantum computing, blockchain, AI/ML, autonomous things, and software defined everything.

Sean Campbell Founder & CEO

Sean Campbell
Co-Founder & CEO

Sean has a long history of providing insightful workshops, training, and mentoring on various research practices and methods. Sean has been a featured speaker at more than 250 events around the globe.  Topics Sean has presented on in the past include Research Participant Recruiting, Market Research, and Competitive Intelligence Frameworks, Research Team Design and Implementation, and Ethical Research Collection Techniques.

He also co-authored the popular competitive intelligence text, Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence.

Harrison May | Director of Research Operations

Harrison May
Director of Research Operations

Harrison runs the day-to-day operations of the research team and focuses on ensuring Cascade Insights provides a high-quality experience to its clients. Harrison has more than five years of market research experience working with companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, F5, and Red Hat and has also worked directly on a product team at a SaaS company.

Harrison has four computer monitors, so clients can feel safe that nothing escapes his gaze.

Philippe Boutros
Director of Systems Design

Philippe architects innovative project engagements for some of tech’s largest companies and most fascinating startups. After getting his start in Cascade Insight’s research wing, Philippe delivered projects that changed the direction of companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Gogo, Juniper, and Adobe. Every day, Philippe combines intuition and data-backed insights to steer his clients towards success.

Prior to joining Cascade, he worked for several startups (in health tech, regulation tech, and natural language processing), and on four successful federal and state political campaigns.

Colleen Clancy
Director of Engagement

A former researcher, Colleen architects solutions for a number of Cascade Insight’s key accounts.

Colleen is also Cascade Insight’s longest standing employee, giving her a breadth of experience across research, marketing and business development roles.

Tyler Honsinger
Senior Consultant

A recovering developer, Tyler brings technical understanding to the research he conducts. Tyler also heads and mentors a small team of analysts, ensuring that they are delivering standout work.

As someone who has worked within the tech industry, Tyler understands the pressure of high paced innovation and is committed to delivering high quality results to help decision making.

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