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Welcome to the Cascade Insights B2B Marketing Blog, where we cover the most pressing issues facing marketers in the B2B tech sector. We go in-depth on topics such as messaging strategy, understanding the B2B buyer’s journey, B2B buyer personas, content marketing, and business podcast production. You can also listen to the latest episodes of the B2B Revealed Podcast, where experts discuss technology trends, marketing strategy, and practical marketing tactics.

Nearly 80% of Business Activity Is Disrupted By Coronavirus

Coronavirus is disrupting business operations regardless of industry and company size - and is particularly impacting leadership roles. See more data on how the pandemic is impacting business.
March 25, 2020/by Philippe Boutros

B2B Marketing Strategy: What’s a Real Differentiator?

A solid B2B marketing strategy requires differentiators that actually stand out. But, unfortunately, in B2B tech, great differentiators are hard to come by. Here's how to do better.
February 13, 2020/by Sean Campbell

B2B Buyer Personas: Delete the Fluff

Too often, B2B buyer personas rely on obvious or irrelevant info. Instead, they should give real insight into key buying criteria and the buyer's journey.
February 3, 2020/by Sean Campbell

People-Pleasing Is Not a Good Messaging Strategy

People-pleasing is safe, but it leads to poor B2B marketing strategy. Learn what you should do instead when crafting your next B2B messaging framework.
November 19, 2019/by Sean Campbell

“I Have No Idea What Your Product Does”: A Cautionary Tale of Marketing Buzzwords

Everything promises to accelerate, optimize, and transform. But, um, what does it do? Your B2B content strategy should prohibit marketing buzzwords.
November 19, 2019/by Isabel Gautschi

Freelancers: Avoid the Boomerang

Thinking of going freelance? Brianna Caza breaks down the risks and rewards, including equal pay for women, losing office infrastructure, and even isolation.
November 12, 2019/by Brian Surguine

Writing Well

B2B content writing is terrible. Josh Bernoff tells us how to write better, reduce meaningless content, and replace jargon with substance.
November 12, 2019/by Brian Surguine

Revenue Isn’t the Goal: Manage What You Can Control

Too often, B2B sales leaders focus on revenue goals when they should target sales tactics instead.
November 9, 2019/by Sean Campbell

B2B Messaging: It’s Harder than B2C

B2B messaging is rewarding to create, challenging to make, and requires expertise to effectively test. Great customer insights can help you get started in the right way.
October 11, 2019/by Sean Campbell

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