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The Right People for B2B Influencer Marketing Research

  • Influencers.
  • B2B Buyers.
The Right Questions

The Right Questions for B2B Influencer Marketing Research

  • Is this the right influencer for this buying cycle?
  • Do I have the right influencers?
  • How do I get the right influencers?
  • How do I know my investment in an influencer program will generate a return?
  • What kind of engagement should I have with my influencers at conferences?
  • What kind of engagement should I expect from my influencers at conferences?
  • What form of content should I be incentivizing my influencers to produce?
  • How big does my influencer program need to be?
  • Are my targeted influencers heavily invested with competing brands?
  • What makes a trusted influencer in the eyes of my buyers?
  • Which influencers in my market already hold sway over my buyers?
  • Which influencers do the best job of educating my buyers?

Market Research Methodologies

  • In-depth interviews (in-person & online).
  • Focus Groups (in-person & online).
  • Web Surveys.
  • Online research communities.
  • Quantitative studies.
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis.
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, etc.).
  • Secondary research.

B2B Influencer Marketing Research Services

Our B2B tech expertise gives us the context to ask
the right questions of the right people.

Expand Your Reach

Different buyers respond differently to various influencers, types of content, or methods of engagement. Our B2B expertise can help you understand how best to leverage influencers and their content to reach your buyers.

Spend Strategically

How do you know if an influencer is a safe person to invest in?

Cascade Insights can help you go beyond simple and potentially misleading volume measurements like how many followers, how many tweets, how many likes, etc. We’ll assess whether influencers are actually going to motivate your buyers.

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What It’s Like To Work With Us

Cascade Insights completed some key market research for us to help guide thinking as to our long term strategy for data protection and archive. Their results provided some key insights for us, and have already helped to validate and shape our product line strategy.

– Quantum

I hired Cascade Insights for a project that involved a competitor analysis, CI training, and consultation. No doubt about it – deciding to work with Cascade Insights early in the process of ramping up a new CI function was the single best decision that I could have made.

– Symantec

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