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Welcome to the Cascade Insights B2B Market Research Blog, where we share insights from 10+ years of helping companies succeed in the B2B tech sector. We cover topics such as research methodology, understanding B2B buyers, defining your brand, and expanding your market. This blog is designed exclusively for marketers, product development teams, sales leaders, and market researchers in the B2B tech sector.

Case Study: How to Leverage B2B Research for Impactful Thought Leadership

Here's how we used B2B research to help a client develop impactful thought leadership content.
September 21, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

Case Study: How to Successfully Launch a New Product With Buyer Persona Research

Here's how one of our clients used buyer persona research to reveal the marketing and sales approaches that aligned well with an online sales approach.
September 14, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

Case Study: How to use B2B Buyer Personas to Persuade Decision Makers

Here's how one of our clients was able to gain approval from all members of the B2B buying committee with buyer persona research.
September 7, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

The Secret to B2B Sales Messaging Success: Marketing-Sales Synergy

Integrating sales expertise is essential for effective B2B messaging. Here's how marketers can harness the strength of their sales teams.
August 24, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

Offsite 2023

We like remote work. We like to have fun together, too — so once a year we get together for a 3-day company retreat in Oregon.
August 10, 2023/by Brian Surguine

Video: Top 5 Types of B2B Market Research

We often get the question: what are the most popular kinds of B2B market research projects? Here's our answer.
June 28, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

Why SaaS Companies Need Market Research

SaaS companies require specialized B2B market research partners that understand their unique challenges. The following case studies illustrate exactly how we’ve managed to meet those needs.
May 16, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

Video: Cascade Insights Company History – What We Don’t Do

Services firms need to be able to say where they provide value and where they don't. This is our story of how we came up with that answer.
May 1, 2023/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Thought Leadership: Tough Times Call for a Second Opinion

B2B thought leadership is more important than ever during a tough economic period. These are our five tips for creating great thought leadership content during a downturn.
April 11, 2023/by Ashley Wilson

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