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Welcome to the Cascade Insights B2B Market Research Blog, where we share insights from 10+ years of helping companies succeed in the B2B tech sector. We cover topics such as research methodology, understanding B2B buyers, defining your brand, and expanding your market. This blog is designed exclusively for marketers, product development teams, sales leaders, and market researchers in the B2B tech sector.

Research Panel Quality Check: Trust Then Verify

"Quality, quality, quality: never waver from it, even when you…
September 22, 2021/by Krista Daly

Why You Need Message Testing: 6 Worst-Case Scenarios You Risk Without It

Here are just a few examples of what can go wrong when B2B tech companies don’t conduct message testing research.
September 13, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

B2B Thought Leadership Content: How to Back up Your Opinion With Facts

Position your company as an industry expert by creating B2B thought leadership content that utilizes research and data to back your opinions.
July 15, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

How to Build a Trustworthy B2B Partner Program

Are you sowing trust with current and prospective partners? Foster productive partnerships that last with an effective B2B partner enablement program.
June 29, 2021/by Krista Daly

How Does a Person Fall in Love…with Your Product?

Is it love or is it hate? If you’re uncertain how users feel about your product, you should commission user persona research to find out.
May 12, 2021/by Krista Daly

Is Your Buyer Persona Research Written So You Can Actually Use It?

To be able to unlock the powerful benefits of buyer persona research, you first need to ensure it’s written in a way that your company can actually use.
April 29, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

5 Risks of Conducting Your Own B2B Buyer Persona Research

These are the five greatest risks marketers can make while attempting to conduct buyer persona research on their own.
April 8, 2021/by Raeann Bilow

Market Opportunity Research: What’s the Point?

Once you’ve completed a market opportunity study, we can give you the guidance to understand what comes next for every department involved.
April 8, 2021/by Krista Daly

Market Opportunity: Go Beyond Quant to Get the Right Insights

You may think quant research is enough to understand your market opportunity, but it doesn’t guarantee the insights you need. Here’s what to do instead.
March 23, 2021/by Krista Daly

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