A Market Researcher’s Review: ChatGPT Team Edition

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

This review is part of a larger series of LinkedIn newsletters titled AI in Market Research: Reviews of AI tools, platforms, and solutions that market researchers should use today.

The first thing to know about the ChatGPT Team edition is that, by default, OpenAI does not leverage your data for training purposes. This is an important fact, given that part of the benefit of conducting market research is gaining a competitive advantage over your marketplace peers.

The next thing to know as a market researcher is that ChatGPT Team Edition allows you to limit the sharing of the GPTs you create within the GPT builder to specific individuals who are part of your team.

With the ChatGPT team edition, you also get dedicated admin controls and team management, unlike the ChatGPT pro edition, which has a more limited feature set. Finally, you’ll get consistent access to the latest models by OpenAI.

Here are a few examples of using these capabilities as a market researcher.

First, creating and sharing GPTs with your team members and fellow employees is fantastic because it is the first step toward unlocking synthetic respondents as a market researcher. If you create a custom GPT with the GPT builder, you can easily add custom instructions to shape your synthetic’s responses. You can also load up to 20 documents, for example, 20 interview transcripts.

At Cascade, we have leveraged the GPT Builder to create synthetic representations of our typical buyers. In our case, this would include market research team leaders, leaders of marketing functions, product team leaders, and sales leaders. We’ve also created synthetics for some of the more popular roles and individuals we might encounter in our research studies. With these custom GPTs, we can speed up the research process and better meet our client’s needs from the first conversation.

Note: If you’re looking to get around that limitation of 20 files mentioned above, you can use OpenAI’s Assistant API, where the limitation is currently 10,000 files. This allows for a massive amount of market research data to be included, along with data from other sources of potential interest, either from the internet and/or from internal sources of information inside your organization.

Finally, here are my ratings of ChatGPT Team edition from a market research perspective.

  • Usefulness = Five Stars
  • Power = Five Stars
  • Flexibility = Three Stars
  • Security = Five Stars
  • AI Washing = None. This is AI pure and simple.
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