B2B Market Segmentation Research

Understand which audiences to invest in and which ones to avoid. Spend time where you can gain the most value.

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The Right People for B2B Market Segmentation Research

  • Your customers.
  • Prospective customers.
  • Competitors’ customers.
  • Partners.
The Right Questions

The Right Questions for B2B Market Segmentation Research

  • What are the needs of each market segment?
  • Why do customers seek out a new solution? What jobs are they looking to get done? Do any current solutions satisfy those needs?
  • What are the firmographics for each market segment?
  • Can any adoption patterns be identified in your target market?
  • What expectations for pricing and quality are there for each segment?
  • How do prospective customers measure the value of a solution?
  • What costs do market segments consider when thinking about switching to a different solution?
  • Is company “tribal knowledge” blinding you from noticing changes in the market?
  • Are all solutions in the marketplace lacking certain capabilities?

Market Research Methodologies

  • In-depth interviews (in-person & online).
  • Focus Groups (in-person & online).
  • Web Surveys.
  • Online research communities.
  • Quantitative studies.
  • Social Media / Online Community Analysis.
  • Longitudinal Research (Communities, Diaries, etc.).
  • Secondary research.

B2B Market Segmentation Research

Our B2B tech expertise gives us the context to ask
the right questions of the right people.

Market segmentation research insights drive sales.

A lot rides on getting your market segments right. From product development to marketing, to sales, market segmentation research is key to good strategy.

With our B2B market segmentation research, you’ll learn the needs of each market segment and whether any current solutions meet those needs. We can also figure out adoption patterns, as well as pricing and quality expectations by segment, and much more.

Market Segmentation Research at Cascade Insights

Research. In context.

B2B market segmentation research is complex and requires an industry specialization to be done right. Since we focus on B2B tech all day, every day, we bring a great deal of context to the table.

What It’s Like To Work With Us

Cascade Insights was hired to develop voice of customer information related to a new market segment for us. The team did a great job of distilling our information request into blocks so that we could understand different aspects of the response. But the execution and results of the project were outstanding. It has informed our messaging and has provided us with a framework to deliver our story in a way that the customers will be more aligned with. The process has opened our eyes to a whole new way of capturing market information. I anticipate using them again.

– Nexans

Finding the right research partner is not easy, but Cascade Insights delivers just what we need. They provide meaningful insights, complete the work in a timely manner and made sure to take into account our business context. I am confident that Sean and the team can tackle the tricky market questions that we have to address in order to succeed.

– Concur

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