B2B Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Services

Boutique B2B Market Research

We choose to work with B2B technology companies because we know them inside and out.

From tech titans to startups in burgeoning industries, our studies bring critical insight to keep you competitive in your unique context.

From product launches, to go-to-markets, to sales strategies, and more, we'll arm you with the information you need to make the smartest decisions.

Want a deeper understanding
of the B2B buying process?

Customer Journey Mapping
  • Understand how customers research and make buying decisions.
  • Explore the online and in-person communities that buyers frequent.
  • Discover how to use your marketing to attract target customers.
  • Figure out how to make buyers’ vendor short-lists.
  • Get to know your buyers.
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Strategizing how
to reach customers?

Go-To-Market Studies
  • Understand what tasks customers are seeking a solution to accomplish and how to market to those needs.
  • Pinpoint the unique value proposition of your product or service and the best way to communicate it to buyers.
  • Determine how to maximize your visibility to your target market.
  • Figure out the partnerships to prioritize to land the most sales.
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Market Segmentation Study

Deciding how to
slice your market?

Market Segmentation Studies
  • Learn whether customers segment by “jobs to be done,” geography, role, or company size.
  • Understand which tasks customers are seeking a solution to accomplish and whether any current solutions meet their needs.
  • Strategize how sales, marketing, and product development can incorporate market segmentation insights to better target buyers.
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Key Buying Criteria

Building out the feature set
for your product or service?

Key Buying Criteria Research
  • Understand the reasons why customers buy competitors’ products or services.
  • Discover the competition-crushing features needed to ensure long-term success.
  • View questions designed to uncover key buying criteria for B2B companies.
  • Understand the tasks customers need your solution to accomplish.
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Product / Service Launches

Need to launch a
product or service?

Product / Service Launches
  • Discover why customers buy your competitors’ product or service – and not yours.
  • Understand the exact product or service features you must include for long-term success.
  • Remove uncertainty about the features that matter and determine when customers are truly ready to buy.
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Buyer persona research

Do you need to learn
more about buyers?

Buyer persona research
  • Find the characteristics that make your buyers tick.
  • Segment your buyers so you can see how one buyer influences another.
  • Discover when, why and how your buyer decides to purchase.
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Market opportunity research

Entering new markets, or want
to expand your market share?

Market opportunity research
  • Determine the exact feature set that will make your customers want to buy from you.
  • Evaluate the size of the market and make recommendations.
  • Recommend the promotional messaging companies should adopt for greater implementation and brand awareness.
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Channel / Ecosystem research

Want to optimize your ecosystem
and penetrate new markets?

Channel / Ecosystem research
  • Evaluate your ecosystem and make meaningful comparisons with competitor ecosystems.
  • Discover new, profitable channel partners.
  • Identify co-selling opportunities.
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Win-Loss Analysis

Need to assess why
you’ve won or lost?

Win-Loss Analysis
  • Understand why your company is winning and losing deals – and why your deals get “stuck.”
  • Know exactly how to readjust your product, marketing, and sales approaches for faster, more profitable sales.
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Need help defining
your project’s scope?

Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Understand what the market uses today and why these solutions are effective.
  • Uncover the gap between what your prospects desire and what the market offers today.
  • Discover how to build a product or service that will beat the competition.
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Usability Testing

Want to gauge
your competitiveness?

Usability Testing
  • Get customers of competing solutions to test your usability.
  • Learn whether your solution is meeting your users’ needs.
  • Identify product or service functions that should be simplified.
  • Work with a market research firm that can guide users through complex solutions and use cases.
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Brand Awareness & Perception

Ready to evaluate brand
perception and awareness?

Brand Studies
  • Find out what buyers and influencers think of your brand.
  • See how your brand is perceived in comparison to the competition.
  • Determine whether your branding efforts have been successful with different market segments such as industry, company size, or location.
  • Get qualitative and/or quantitative research specifically designed to bring the most insight to your business problem.
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A Few Words From Our Clients

I am very impressed with Cascade Insights capability to deliver critical projects on time and with quality. They have a very structured approach towards completing projects related to market intelligence and can work across various leading technology areas. The team is very professional and is great to work with. I look forward to continue working with them.

Skand Mittal – MicrosoftSenior Product Marketing Manager, Commercial Tablet Marketing for Industry (Verticals)

Cascade Insights worked as a consultant for me on many projects in the wireless space.  They consistently provided detailed insights that have enabled better business decisions with a great level of confidence…  I always slept well when Cascade was working on any project – I knew it was in good hands. They are leaders in their field and the team has great enthusiasm for what they take on. I feel lucky to have had them working on projects for me over the years and highly recommend them.

Ty Trenary | T-MobileSr. Competitive Intelligence Manager

Sean Campbell has a keen eye for trends in the technology industry, and can translate those trends into actionable directives for his clients. Sean epitomizes initiative — he’s constantly seeking new knowledge and expertise. His attention to detail and his concern for high quality infiltrate every project he touches.

Sean Campbell has a very unique combination of clear-eyed business sense and the ability to think creatively. He is a technology visionary!

Michelle Crockett | Penton MediaVice President

Sean and his colleagues at Cascade Insights have consistently delivered great work for us. Relative to a lot of vendors I’ve worked with, the Cascade team did a great job of taking high level, somewhat ambiguous guidance (from me), and turning that into creative, effective deliverables.

I consistently turned to Cascade Insights earlier in the project lifecycle than I normally would because I knew that they would be able to recommend creative solutions and then execute, execute, execute. 

Net – Cascade Insights has always delivered great value for the money.

Phil Friedman | MicrosoftDirector of Competitive Intelligence