B2B Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition. Learn which rivals pose the biggest threat and uncover their greatest weaknesses.

About to enter a new market? Running into trouble in your current one? B2B competitive landscape analysis can help you get the lay of the land and plot a strategic course forward.

Our research will help you put each competitor into the proper perspective. Learn whether your rival is an upstart headed for unicorn stardom or nothing to worry about. Find out whether your competitors are prepared to fight for every deal or settle into a niche and stay out of your way.

In B2B tech, it’s essential to understand whether competitors pose an immediate threat or a slow burn that needs monitoring. You need to know who you can ignore and who you should pay attention to.

Get the answers you need. Our B2B tech expertise gives us the context to ask the right questions of the right people.

The Right

  • Former employees of competing companies.
  • Former members of rival sales teams.
  • Competitors’ customers.
  • Competitors’ partners.
  • Your partners.

The Right

Such as…

  • Which upstart competitors should you keep tabs on?
  • Are any former rivals becoming less of a threat?
  • What does each competitor fear the most?
  • What type of roadmap does your competitor use? Can you match it?
  • How fast are your competitors growing? How much are they growing?
  • Who are competitors’ target customers?
  • Which buyer personas do competitors focus on?
  • What business and technical challenges does each competitor try to address with their product development, marketing and sales efforts?
  • What is the key buying criteria for competitors’ customers? Is it similar to your customers’ key buying criteria?
  • How often do competitors engage with their partners?
  • Do you have partners that also work with your competitors?
  • Where do competitors excel at selling and where do they struggle?
  • What do potential customers think of your product?
  • How does each competitor view your company and its offerings?
  • Is your marketing competitive?
  • Do your customers experience any buyer’s remorse? Do your competitors’ customers?

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