101 Questions Stakeholders Ask

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell
Isa Gautschi
Authored byIsabel Gautschi

Over the last decade, we’ve done projects for scores of marketing and sales leaders, product and channel managers, and C-level executives. As we looked back through our research, we began to see certain questions pop up over and over again, while others gained importance with present day events.

We found ourselves with a hearty collection of typical questions for each persona. So we decided to create a new resource: 101 Questions Stakeholders Ask.

For the first time ever, Cascade Insights, CEO Sean Campbell revealed this list at SCIP’s 31st Annual International Conference & Exhibition.

Check out Sean’s SCIP presentation for the types of questions we have answered for the leaders of B2B tech companies.

Contact Us to see how we can answer some of these questions for your stakeholders.
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