4 Ways to Mine LinkedIn Company Pages

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Using these queries from Google you can harvest information from LinkedIn’s “Company Pages” that match the following criteria:


Median Age of Company Employees from 40 to 50 years old

“median age, * 40..45 years” site:linkedin.com/companies/*


Companies with a % of male employees from 20 to 30%

“Male, * 20..30 %” site:linkedin.com/companies/*


Companies that were founded between 1999 and 2001

“Founded, * 1999..2001” site:linkedin.com/companies/*


Companies where employees typically move onto VMware after leaving the company

“* after: * VMware” site:linkedin.com/companies/*


Obviously, many of the elements of the queries above can be modified such that a query such as:

  • “Founded, * 1999..2001” site:linkedin.com/companies/*

Can easily become:

  • “Founded, * 2000..2003” site:linkedin.com/companies/*

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By Sean Campbell
By Scott Swigart

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