5 Essential Interviews with Competitive Intelligence Thought Leaders

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

Learn what some of the “must watch” thought leaders in the competitive intelligence space are thinking. In this post, we’ve recapped five interviews with some of the CI industry’s heavy hitters. Enjoy!

Kris Wheaton

kris-wheaton1-150x150What skills should the more exceptional intelligence professionals possess? Kris Wheaton, an associate professor of intelligence studies at Mercyhurst University, addresses this question.

He also shares his thoughts on crowdsourcing and social network analysis in this interview.

Wayne Jones

How do CI teams disseminate information and interact with a large organization? Wayne Jones, Global Marketing Insights Lead at IBM, answers this question, plus discusses how to disseminate competitive intelligence information to stakeholders. Check out all of the insights Wayne shared.

Varun Chhabra

Varun Chhabra, Director of Microsoft’s Product Marketing for its Cloud and Enterprise Division, delves into how to build a competitive intelligence team. He emphasizes that CI team members should have drive, desire and domain knowledge, as well as competitive intelligence skills. He further shares three key pieces of advice that CI team leaders should follow. Read more of Varun’s interview.

Bonnie Hohhof

A 30-year veteran of the CI field, Bonnie Hohhof’s credentials span from her tenure with the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Society (SCIP) to her current position teaching CI strategy at George Washington University. Here, Bonnie addresses possible reasons why SCIP organizations and vendors have tended to ignore social media for so long, the changing face of CI across different job roles, and why we should break down CI silos. Learn more in this interview.

Matthew Sell

SAP’s Lead Analyst in its Competitive and Market Intelligence Team, Matthew Sell, shares five tips for CI analysts’ success. Among them are effective means by which CI analysts can more effectively brand themselves and engage senior leadership, exert influence, and “listen” in real time. Read more of Matthew’s expert tips.

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