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Alive at Work

Trevor Gilbert
Authored byTrevor Gilbert
Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

Dan Cable, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, joins us to talk about his book, Alive at Work: The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do. Pulling from the worlds of both psychology and business management, Dan helped explain the connection between giving your employees the freedom to work with fewer constraints and overall business success.

In Alive at Work, you’ll hear about:

  • What makes work meaningful and how leaders can help their team find meaning in their work.
  • The issue of learned helplessness, how to spot it in your organization, and what to do about it.
  • How jobs with repetitive tasks are especially vulnerable to employee churn.
  • Why metrics and KPIs are important, but shouldn’t be completely controlling everything your team works on.

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