The Rebel's Role with Lois Kelly

The Rebel’s Role

Trevor Gilbert
Authored byTrevor Gilbert
Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

Lois Kelly, author of Rebels At Work: A Handbook for Leading Change From Within, shares her first-hand experiences witnessing the impact rebels can have on an organization. It’s not about disrupting projects, but about sharing a different way of looking at the world — something that comes in handy more often than not.

In The Rebel’s Role, you’ll hear about:

  • The difference between a good and bad rebel in the workplace.
  • How understanding the different types of people in a workplace can help make the overall workplace more productive and efficient.
  • The importance of knowing when to take credit for an idea and when to let someone else get all the glory.
  • How to work with and manage rebels to make sure their abilities are used in the right ways, at the right times.

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