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Facebook and Instagram provide tremendous B2B marketing opportunities – if your B2B creative is good enough to grab viewers’ attention. This is especially important in the niche B2B tech context, where generic creative really doesn’t fly.

Peter Reitano, co-founder at hybrid advertising agency Abacus, specializes in marketing and B2B creative for Facebook and Instagram. By leveraging Facebook’s instant ad campaign feedback, Reitano has learned how to use data to hone content and creative for better results.

Reitano thinks you can create great B2B creative as well. With some careful spending and platform-sensitive creative direction, you’ll stop those swiping thumbs and see results.

In This Episode:

  • Why organic on Facebook/Instagram is no longer an effective strategy.
  • How Facebook can help you hone your creative for better results.
  • How the cellphone is now a critical ad viewing platform, even for B2B.
  • Why vertical video is essential for Instagram.
  • How your audience is now your creative director.
  • How even relatively uninteresting B2B brands (compared to B2C) can create content that resonates with buyers.
  • Why repurposing content for different platforms is a bad idea.


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