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Writing Well

Brian Surguine
Authored byBrian Surguine

You should write better. If you do B2B content writing, especially in the tech industry, you should really write better.

Josh Bernoff joins the show today to discuss the sordid state of business writing. Josh is a senior vice president of Forrester Research and the author of “Writing Without Bullshit.”

An advocate for clear and efficient writing, Bernoff analyzes common errors in business writing, including overuse of obvious content, failure to format content for online reading, stuffing writing pieces with meaningless words, and more.

Above all, Bernoff believes the only purpose of a piece of business writing is to make a change in the mind of the reader. This episode is well worth a listen for anyone who does B2B content writing.

In This Episode:

  • Meaningless platitudes and why they need to be edited out.
  • The importance of a great title.
  • Why you should think of an executive summary as a movie trailer.
  • How to format content for short attention spans.
  • The importance of rigorous editing in a time when editing is in decline.
  • Common writing sins such as weasel words, passive voice, and jargon.


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