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Business Needs Net Neutrality: An Interview with Ryan Singel

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

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The B2B tech world has a lot at stake with net neutrality.

Many businesses “live” on the internet today in ways they never did before. They market through the internet, they sell through the internet, and many of their internal business processes (payroll, HR, AR/AP) rely on the internet.

Should net neutrality be repealed, businesses may be forced to pay more for the same services they access today. Businesses might also find there is less choice among SaaS apps or cloud services to purchase. Further, in order to cope with new costs, businesses may have to radically alter their pricing structures and budgets.

On this episode of B2B Revealed, two B2B CEOs discuss what the potential repeal of net neutrality would mean for business. Contextly CEO Ryan Singel brings his perspective as a media and strategy fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society to the issue. Cascade Insights CEO Sean Campbell interviews him on the implications of a net neutrality rollback for ISPs, tech companies, and startups.

Will A Net Neutrality Repeal Impact Your Business? Listen To Learn:

  • What net neutrality is.
  • How the current model protects consumers and innovators.
  • Why ISPs want a repeal.
  • The business implications of a potential net neutrality repeal.
  • What would happen to websites and web services if a repeal happens.
  • The difference between Title I and Title II and how it affects this debate.
  • Why the lack of ISP competition makes this more than just a “free market” issue.
  • How a repeal would make it more difficult for startups to get off the ground.
  • Why a repeal of net neutrality would cement current tech giants at the top of the food chain.

Notable Quotes From Ryan Singel:

“The immediate effect is going to be on businesses and is going to hit them in the bottom line in ways that they aren’t going to understand.” – Singel on how a net neutrality repeal would impact businesses.

“This is a really bad plan for innovation.” -Singel explaining that a net neutrality repeal could remove the conditions that have allowed innovative startups to flourish in the past.

“Startups, especially in the B2B world, rely on a lot of other startups to run their business.”

“It looks like Mafia tactics.” – Singel discussing broadband companies’ current dealings with companies that rely on their internet services.

“Why repeal without replace? It doesn’t make any sense.”

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