Case Study – A Plethora of Personas: Using B2B Research to Focus on Who Matters

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Imagine if your team had identified over ten different personas who played a role in the buyer’s journey. How would you know which ones to focus on first, second, and third in your marketing and sales efforts?

In this short video, we’ll show how we conducted In-Depth Interviews to identify the most relevant persona types our client should target and those they should deprioritize. Overall, our research efforts empowered our client to make strategic decisions regarding where to focus their marketing, sales, and product efforts for maximum ROI.

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Video Transcript

The Business Problem

What would you do if your SaaS solution wasn’t a failure, but it was actually overwhelmingly successful? And this had led to an interesting problem. Now you had upwards of 10 or more personas, all of which you could point to as having engaged with and purchased your solution and had generated meaningful revenue for you.

Well, now your decision was, how do I optimize? How do I not get into the position where I’m trying to develop? a solution for all of these different personas and all of the product development effort that would ensue and all of the different marketing efforts I’d have to create and all the different sales approaches and channels.

The Solution

And this is exactly the problem a client recently came to us with. And instead of just guessing at the answers to these questions, they chose to Act With Clarity™. And once they made that decision, they asked us to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with all of these different persona types. And we were able to show the ones that were most relevant, the ones to deprioritize.

And we even showed a persona that was somewhat of a unicorn. It was amazing when it showed up and it drew a lot of attention. But it was quite rare, and hence, it wasn’t the right one to go after from a long-term perspective. So, if you’re facing a similar challenge, where you have a lot of different personas to go after, and you’ve been very successful, but now it’s time to optimize, you can either give us a call, or drop us an email at hello at, or visit and fill out our contact form. And hopefully, we can help you Act With Clarity™ too.

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