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Case Study – How to Use B2B Message Testing to Drive Leads and Sales

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Authored byRaeann Bilow

What would you do if your messaging simply wasn’t resonating with your audience? Furthermore, if you’ve primarily focused on selling to B2C audiences in the past and now want to transition to targeting B2B customers, what steps would you take?

In this short video, we’ll illustrate how we used message testing to help our client understand what messages would resonate. Additionally, we’ll highlight how we extended this effort by turning our research into a practical messaging framework that empowered our client to drive increased sales.

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Video Transcript

The Business Problem

What if your messaging simply wasn’t resonating? And therefore, you weren’t driving enough leads, getting good engagement, and you obviously weren’t helping drive more sales? Well, what if on top of that, you also had this issue that you historically had sold predominantly to B2C audiences? And you didn’t have as strong an understanding of what messaging would resonate with business customers?

Well, this is exactly the problem a client presented to us recently. And instead of having an endless series of meetings where perhaps the person with the largest title or the loudest voice ended up winning out, they chose to Act With Clarity™.

The Solution

And once they did that, they asked us to run a series of focus groups with marketing leaders and IT leaders. During these focus groups, we dug deep into what messaging resonated and what messaging did not. We presented a number of draft messaging pillars and associated proof points. Ultimately, we were able to guide, in a very data-centered way, our client toward the right messages to send out to the marketplace.

Additionally, we took it one step further activated the research, and actually drafted the final messaging framework that our client ended up utilizing. So if you have a similar challenge where you’re not sure if your messaging is resonating or if it’s really working at all, you can give us a call or drop us an email at hello at cascadeinsights.com or visit cascadeinsights. com and fill out our contact form and hopefully, we can help you Act With Clarity™ too.


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