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Case Study – Launching a New Product With Buyer Persona Research

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Imagine you’re the head of sales or marketing for a leading cybersecurity company, and you have an upcoming product launch that is targeting small businesses. Since the bulk of your sales will be online, you want that online sales process to be smooth and frictionless.

In this short video, we’ll show you how one of our clients used buyer persona research to reveal the marketing and sales approaches that aligned well with an online sales approach.

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Video Transcript

The Business Problem

Imagine for a minute that you’re the head of sales or the head of marketing for a leading cybersecurity company, and you know that you’ve got an upcoming product launch that’s gonna target small businesses.

And because you’re targeting small businesses, you kind of want the bulk of those sales to just be online. You want them to be relatively frictionless. You don’t want to involve a number of the sales team members for every single deal that you’re trying to create. You just want it to be a really smooth process for these small businesses to pick up your solution.

And this is exactly the problem one of our clients presented us with not that long ago, and instead of deciding to just maybe muddle ahead or just make some good guesses as to what they should do from a marketing and sales standpoint, they decided to Act With Clarity™.

The Solution

And once they made that decision, they came to us and said, could you conduct some buyer persona research on our behalf? And so we went off and conducted a number of in-depth interviews with CEOs and CTOs and heads of IT in this target market of smaller businesses. And over the course of those conversations, we focused on pain points, and jobs to be done from a cybersecurity standpoint, on the buyer’s journey overall, and how these folks would relate to each other on that journey. We looked at the competitive landscape and we even dug deep on the type of messages that might resonate with these personas.

And ultimately then our client was able to Act With Clarity™. They were able to go off and build really robust marketing and sales approaches that would really align well with the type of solution that they were trying to bring to market.

And if you’re facing a similar problem, if you’re about to target a new market segment or you’re about to launch a new product and you’re unclear about how to message or do outreach for that solution, you can give us a call, drop us an email at or visit cascade and fill out the contact form and hopefully we’ll be able to help you too, Act With Clarity™.

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