Case Study – Look Before You Launch: Messaging, Packaging, and Pricing Research

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What would you do if you needed to launch a new SaaS solution, but were unsure about how to best bring the solution to market?

In this short video, we’ll demonstrate how we conducted focus groups with key buyer personas to determine the best tactics. Through our research, we were able to determine the best messaging that resonated with their target audience, how to package the product effectively, and which pricing model our client should go to market with.

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Video Transcript

The Business Problem

What would you do if you were a leading provider of technology solutions to IT teams, and you came to realize that to remain relevant with this audience, you were going to have to launch a new SaaS solution?

Well, that might lead to a number of immediate questions. For example, would you develop effective messaging? Would you package the solution effectively? And would you launch with the right pricing model? These are a number of the questions that a client came to us with recently. And instead of just guessing at the answers to these questions, they chose to Act With Clarity™.

The Solution

And once they made that decision, they asked us to conduct a series of focus groups with key buyer personas, including CIOs and CTOs and directors of engineering and other leaders of IT teams.

These individuals also came from a variety of industries, from manufacturing and healthcare and technology and defense and home improvement. And over the course of these focus groups, we learned a lot about what messaging would resonate and what would repel, how to package the solution effectively, and what was the right pricing model to go to market with.

And if you’re facing a similar challenge, if you’re set to launch a new SaaS solution and you’re unsure about any of those things I mentioned previously, from messaging to packaging to pricing, you can either give us a call or drop us an email at or visit and fill out our contact form. And hopefully we’ll be able to help you Act With Clarity™ too.

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