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Left Brain + Right Brain = Marketing Success

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

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The best marketers love data and the creative process in equal measure.

On this episode of B2B Revealed, “Analytical Marketer: How to Transform Your Marketing Organization” author Adele Sweetwood is our guest.

Sweetwood is the senior vice president of global marketing & shared services at SAS.

Cascade Insights CEO Sean Campbell and Sweetwood explore why an analytical mindset is necessary for a properly targeted marketing success strategy.

Master The Art of Analytical Marketing. Listen To Learn:

  • How to use data to shape your company’s marketing strategy.
  • Why having a Ph.D. isn’t necessary for becoming a data scientist.
  • How SAS transformed their marketing strategy.
  • Tips for navigating the challenges of large collaborative projects.
  • The dangers of over-communicating to customers.
  • Why being customer-oriented is even more strategic than being goal-oriented.
  • How to enforce team collaboration & dependency.
  • The importance of using metrics to gauge channel performance.
  • Why “orchestrators” and “analytical marketers” make great company leaders.
  • What to do when it’s hard to get the data.
  • How to apply analytical marketing techniques to a small business.

Notable Quotes From Adele Sweetwood:

“The days of marketing as simply an artistic endeavor are gone. That’s not to say that creative skills are not in demand, it’s just that [creative skill] alone [is] insufficient.”

“We’re killing our customers with messages.”

“Once you start the engine moving, you don’t want the pieces missing.”

“The sales relationship needs constant care and feeding.”- Sweetwood on communication between marketing and sales.

“Investment in technology and … [capturing] data and analytics in your company is better than an ad you might buy or an event you might go to.” – Sweetwood on marketing for small businesses.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Market Research Insights For Marketers:

  • Don’t confuse popularity with profitability. Make sure your method of evaluating marketing success measures the right thing. Learn more.
  • Is your marketing resonating with your customers? Is it even reaching them? Check out how we market researched ourselves to answer these questions.
  • Is your marketing strategy based on outdated assumptions? Find out.

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