Marketing Profs seminar – Attendee Comments

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Here are some of the comments from our recent seminar for Marketing Profs focused on – Going Beyond Google – Keeping an eye on your competition. –

Slides here –

“Finally, someone answers the question: how do we track the huge (and growing) volume of competitive business intelligence? Offers terrific advice, and great tools that you can use if you’re a big firm or a small one.”

“Lots of specific sites were given – most of them free. He even mentioned small/private companies which relates to mine and several of our competitors.”

“Scott and Sean are very knowledgeable not just about how the tools work, but how they can work for us and what the information gleaned can mean.”

“Fascinating, many ah-ha moments on how the techies get to data you can’t seem to find.”

“Awesome new tools that I’ve never heard anyone talk about before!”

“This presentation included a capable moderator, two expert presenters and a slide deck that included real examples, such as word maps, 360-degree search and LinkedIn screens.”

“Loaded with useful information. Was not aware there were so many options out there.”

“This was more than an online seminar. It was a training class.”

By Sean Campbell
By Scott Swigart

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