mastering the mid-market

Mastering The Mid-Market: Lessons In Leadership With Charlie Nooney

If you’re going to transition from one market segment to the other, you sometimes just have to “rip off the Band-Aid hard,” according to MobiTV CEO Charlie Nooney.

CEO of MobiTV, Charlie Nooney, explains how to lead through a market transition and the evolution of IPTV services in this podcast interview with Cascade Insights’ CEO Sean Campbell.

They also discuss the future of IPTV and the significant role MobiTV has to play in creating that future.

The conversation wraps with a great discussion on some of the leadership lessons Charlie learned from his time at Walt Disney company and what it takes to build a great company culture.

In short, you’re going to love hearing what Charlie has to say.

Change Your Company Culture For The Better. Listen To Learn:

  • All about the US IPTV market and how they’re changing.
  • How cable operators (large and small) will have to evolve to survive.
  • How to re-structure sales and marketing efforts you so you focus on mastering the mid-market.
  • Why you should, as Charlie says, “never let a failure go to waste.”
  • Learn why Charlie believes that, “The culture is in many ways in direct relation to the product… it’s hard to overcome not being excited about what you’re doing.”

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