Mining Indeed for Competitor or Market Momentum

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Indeed is a tool that we’ve come to rely on across a number of different projects.  While there are caveats in it’s use as with any tool, Indeed’s data set is quite capable of generating some interesting insights.

For example take this simple query.

Someone looking at this in 2011 would hard pressed to make the point that cloud services are not on the rise.  Especially given the data above is focused on job postings that have the world “cloud” in the job title, not just in the description.

Or this graph (switched to a relative view), that shows how many job titles include the phrase “SQL Server” as in “SQL Server Admin”, “SQL Server Developer”, etc. in a given job posting.

Or even how a trend such as DevOps is evolving.

devops Job Trends graph

devops Job Trends Devops jobs

In short, don’t forget to develop insights from both traditional and modern data sources.

Sean Campbell
Scott Swigart

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