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This Is Your Brain On Notifications: An Interview With Jill Konrath

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

Thinking about taking a break to check your email? Think again. These few minutes are costlier to your productivity than you think.

“70 percent of emails received are attended to within 6 seconds within arriving in our inbox. The recovery time for that interruption is 10 to 20 times the length of the interruption.” – Jill Konrath, Time Savior.

Well-known author and a thought leader in the sales field, Jill Konrath, speaks with Cascade Insights CEO Sean Campbell. They discuss key points in her latest book, “More Sales, Less Time” and the importance of taking control of your time.

Everything asks for a notification these days: email, slack, calendar, text, etc. Jill explains how to turn off these notifications, save for texting alerts from family, along with important apps that will help you prioritize. “Our time is our greatest asset, and blocking off times when we can really focus on what really matters enables us to get it done certainly more quickly, but at a higher caliber,” Jill says.

Today’s distractions are killing our creative and strategic potential. “The more time we spend in an environment that gives us quick hits of seemingly vital, but likely irrelevant information, the harder it is for our brains to do the kind of creative and strategic thinking that is so necessary.” She says.

Jill explains how to control your time and live by design instead of by default, along with making a habit of saving time and completing priority projects.  Jill also shares a number of productivity apps you can use to stay more focused during the day.

Unlock Productivity Wisdom. Listen To Learn:

  • Why you’re addicted to checking notifications and what you need to do about it.
  • The true costs of distractions when it comes to personal productivity.
  • How you can stop responding to every notification, at the moment it arrives, with one or more of these productivity apps: RescueTime, SaneBox. Unroll.Me. Freedom.
  • About her first book which focuses on how you can be more effective in “Selling to BIG Companies.”
  • Why she wrote her second book, “SNAP Selling,” and her third, “Agile Selling.”

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