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Sell Like The Avengers: Learning From Nic Read

Sean Campbell
Authored bySean Campbell

The Avengers of Marvel fame have a wide range of abilities and personality styles. To be successful they need to blend their skills in a way that leads to success and not merely open conflict.

In much the same way, modern B2B sales teams need to find a way to blend all of the team’s skills and abilities into a single sales process.

Nic Read, the founder of SalesLabs, co-founder of RGI and EdX, researcher, author, consultant, and teacher, shows us how in this podcast interview with Cascade Insights’ CEO Sean Campbell.

They discuss old sales habits that need to change and new approaches that need to be taken.

All based in large part on the extensive amount of research Nic has done over the years.  Including a recent series of 1,000 interviews with B2B sales professionals and their managers.

Sales Is Your Mission, Don’t Make It Impossible. Listen To Learn:

  • Tips sales teams should take from superheroes and Mission Impossible.
  • How sales teams can effectively blend multiple individuals into a single sales process.
  • Why selling competency is more about knowing the customer’s industry than being social.
  • Learn why Nic believes that, “There are too many salespeople who seem ill-equipped to talk about a customer’s business as if they were an industry insider.”
  • Why old school selling is dead.  And what modern selling, in a B2B context, looks like.

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