Twitter’s Game Board – Co-opetition

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Twitter has been receiving a good deal of flack from it’s ecosystem partners.  Ecosystem partners have even launched an online petition to help force the issue to appear in front of more users and other ecosystem players.

While a lot can be said about the recent moves it is illustrative to analyze them using a framework taken from the book Co-opetition.

In the book, the authors discuss how game theory can be applied to business settings.  In particular they discuss how you should look for win-win scenarios where both you and your complementor win when you’re products are successful in market.

Some modern day examples:

  • Samsung and Google win vs. Apple whenever Android adoption climbs.
  • Doctors and Pharmacists win when patients take their meds on time – i.e. Increasing Adherence

Twitter however is also changing the game, via some recent changes to their API.  In fact they even posted what is in essence their game board for how they see the game of co-opetition being played out.

The PARTS framework in the book co-opetition is illustrative in this regard.

By Sean Campbell
By Scott Swigart

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