Cloudera – Customer and Partner Viewpoints

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The Customer and Partner ViewPoint – Cloudera 

  •  Cloudera is respected as the 1st to market solution (i.e., unquestioned market leader status) and is well respected for “giving back” to the Hadoop community.  However, there’s no monopoly in the Hadoop market at this time, and customers that we spoke with are commonly kicking the tires with multiple Hadoop vendors.
  • Cloudera benefits from having Hadoop royalty, such as Doug Cutting, on staff.  However Cloudera is seen as a risky bet as it requires large enterprises to bet on a relatively small company.  Cloudera clearly hopes that recent investment from Intel extends a Fortune 500 halo over the company.
  • Cloudera used to be able to justify their price, as they were orders of magnitude cheaper than solutions like Teradata, but now people are questioning the cost of Cloudera with cheaper market alternatives like Hortonworks.
  • Customers like the stack overall (Manager, Impala, connectors/APIs)
  • Customers report Cloudera support is responsive and their documentation is solid, but some say the company can be quite immature in how it tackles large enterprise sales.

Backgrounder:  Each blog post in our Customer ViewPoints series highlights what customers and partners of technology companies think about the offerings that these companies provide.

Each post provides a summarized view of commentary about the solution, based on our direct interactions with these customers.   For more about how we go about this type of research visit –

– June 4th, 2014

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